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Described as ‘greedy’, ‘stupid’, and ‘scummy’, I didn’t expect to like Mammon. However, as I spent more time in the Devildom and got to know ‘The Great Mammon’ – as he calls himself – I realised there was more to this perpetually-indebted Avatar of Greed than his lust for money. If you’re not put off by his cocky attitude and tendency to ‘repossess’ valuable items, you may get the chance to see Mammon’s sensitive side, which comes complete with the classic tsundere blush and adorably awkward intimate moments.

*Story N/A – Obey Me doesn’t feature individual character routes

Character Design

Initially introduced as being an irresponsible, greedy idiot, my first impression of Mammon was not a positive one. I’ll be honest, I found him annoying. He refers to himself as ‘The Great Mammon’, or, ‘Mammon-sama’, and he very clearly thinks of MC as nothing more than a hassle. The other demons pick on him, but they assure you it’s not a problem because Mammon’s a masochist (yes, they actually say he’s a masochist), and from their complaints about him stealing their things and constantly getting into debt, I wasn’t too impressed.

Similar to: Sakamaki Ayato (Diabolik Lovers), Ryukai Ryoji (Bad Boys Do It Better)

However, this quickly changed after the story allowed for some one-on-one time with the Avatar of Greed. Mammon is one of the first demon lords to switch from thinking you’re just some lowly human to actually caring about you. In fact, Mammon becomes surprisingly reliable and supportive. Once you get past the ‘sticky fingers’ and narcissistic manners of speech, you find Mammon can actually be caring, protective, and even sweet.

By the time I reached the end of Chapter 20, my perception of Mammon had completely flipped. While he does tend to get caught up in his greed, he also has an endearing, vulnerable side. His awkwardness in expressing himself combined with his adorable blush won me over, and his outrageous get-rich-quick schemes became entertaining rather than a nuisance.

Tsundere / Ore-sama / Bakadere*

Tropes: Mammon definitely has difficulty expressing his feelings, especially in front of his brothers, leading to some great tsundere moments that slowly won me over. This awkwardness with vulnerability is exacerbated by his over-the-top ‘Ore-sama’ (arrogant) attitude, as Mammon doesn’t want to show his sensitive side to anyone. Instead, he prefers to talk himself up and act superior to those around him.

*I’ve also labelled him (affectionately) as ‘Bakadere’, ‘Baka’ meaning something like idiot or ‘dummy’. He may have trouble showing that he cares, but he’s surprisingly thoughtful, and they do say it’s the thought that counts.


Story structure: Obey Me doesn’t have individual routes for characters. Instead, you have the opportunity to romance any and all of the demon brothers, depending on the dialogue choices you make. You can also unlock side-stories through cards won in the game’s gacha feature (called ‘Nightmare’), which often allow for more one-on-one time with your love interest(s) of choice.

Initially, Mammon (and the other demon lords, for that matter) want nothing to do with MC. He makes it very clear that he’d much rather be gambling or trying another scheme to make money (without working, of course). He always has an excuse for needing more money, and he’s not afraid to ask for a loan – one which he is unlikely to repay, despite his best assurances.


– Mammon (Official Website)

However, as the story progresses, Mammon’s attitude towards MC changes drastically. His character growth in the first arc was one of my favourites across the cast. Even if you don’t see him as a romantic option, having a powerful demon protect you is definitely a relief, as the other characters make it clear that it’s unsafe for a magically-inept human to wander unprotected amongst hungry demons.

Watching him gradually open up and show his softer side to MC was highly rewarding. Plus, his knack for getting into trouble provides plenty of entertainment and comedic relief. Despite the rough first impression, you know that if you ever needed help, you could call Mammon and he would be there in a heartbeat.

Final Thoughts

I found Mammon annoying when I first started playing Obey Me, but he’s grown on me significantly since then. If you can look past the kleptomania and irresponsibility with money, you’ll find that Mammon is actually a caring, protective demon who would drop everything to help you if you asked. He’s also a lot of fun, whether he means to be or not, so you know you’d never be bored with a demon like Mammon around.

You’ll like Mammon if you like: blushing tsunderes, loveable idiots, hot guys allergic to being fully-clothed, ‘Ore-samas’ who are secretly cinnamon rolls, and/or guys who are always getting into trouble (and debt) but will absolutely have your back if you ask them for help.

Voice Actor

Kobayashi Hirotaka (古林 裕貴)

~ Kobayashi Hirotaka is the voice actor for Mammon ~

Game Info

Game Name:
Obey Me! One master to rule them all!
Platform: Mobile
Available to download: here!

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