Mysteries of the Lost Gold | Tears of Themis | Event Review

Hunt for lost treasure in limited-time expedition events on the fictional island of Nosta. Together with the other four members of NXX, players conduct island investigations and complete event missions to win exclusive event rewards, including, ‘Sea Breeze’ (a new invitation), eight new cards, and a variety of useful items.

Mysteries of the Lost Gold
Duration: 3rd September 2021 to 27th September 2021
Event Features: Daily log-in, gacha, tasks (missions), resource collection, investigation, minigames, and story.
Major Rewards: Exclusive cards, new event-themed invitation (‘Sea Breeze’), and other in-game items.

Premise: Marius once again reminds everyone of how ridiculously wealthy he is by purchasing an island and hosting a Treasure Hunt event. Initially, Rosa is just excited to go on NXX’s first team-building trip, but, before they can even set foot on the island, a conspiracy begins to emerge amongst some of the other treasure hunters invited to the event.


While a lot of mobile game events typically only take place over a week or two, Mysteries of the Lost Gold will run throughout the month of September. The event incorporates several different gameplay elements, which allows for a large variety of event rewards, as well as multiple types of event features.

These features include; daily log-in bonuses, a rotating gacha banner with exclusive cards, item exchange for the ‘hunter’s badge’ event resource, and the main event feature, which, honestly, could classify as a game in and of itself. The main event, ‘Adventure’, has both story and minigame parts, which you complete to unlock subsequent levels and gradually reveal the rest of the map.

If you don’t feel like spending lots of time playing the main event, it’s worth logging in just for the daily bonuses, or maybe taking advantage of some of the in-store deals. The event gacha does require a limited type of Tears of Themis (either ‘Pursuit’ or ‘Limited’), so your regular ones can’t be used, but you can still convert your S-Chips into the new type of tears at the usual rate, and any event tears that remain after the banner ends will be converted into regular Tears of Themis at a 1:1 ratio.

Main Event

During the event, four regions of the island of Nosta will be open for exploration: Beach, Forest, Mountains, and Outer Island. The map is designed as a series of hexagon tiles, each belonging to one of the four regions. Players uncover these areas as they explore the island by using event resources to unlock tiles adjacent to the ones they have previously unlocked.

Each of these tiles has different gameplay elements – some unlock a daily ‘mediation’ task, similar to those in the ‘study’ feature in the main game, others unlock the next chapter of the story, and some tiles unlock an exploration minigame where you can discover hidden supply chests, interact with other characters, and debate with corrupted treasure hunters.

Personally, I’m blown away by the depth of this event and the wealth of content it provides. There are definitely a lot of different aspects to learn, but there is a tutorial when you first enter the event that helps you to ease into it slowly rather than being overwhelmed by everything all in one go. Plus, with the event running for such a long time, I don’t feel the same sense of urgency to try and grind hard from the beginning to get even the lowest tier rewards that I’ve felt in other mobile game events before.

Daily Log-In

The daily log-in bonuses for this event are pretty generous, so I recommend logging in each day even if you don’t have time to play the rest of the event. These bonuses most notably feature four event-exclusive R cards, one for each character, which won’t be available after the close of the event.

There are 11 days of log-in bonuses in total, with rewards including the four R cards, 13 x Tears of Themis – Limited, and 6 x Energy Drink Family Packs.

Collection Bonuses

By completing tasks and stages in the main event, you can collect ‘Hunter Badges’, the Mysteries of the Lost Gold event resource. These badges can be exchanged for rewards, either through the ‘Exchange’ tab of the Mall, or by clicking on your Hunter Badge total in the event page.

There are three pages of rewards available, with the second page (Junior) unlocking after you clear out the first (Graduate), and the third (Senior) unlocking after you clear out the second (Junior).

I’ve only just started playing the event, so I’m not sure exactly how easy or difficult it is to collect these badges, but based on the cost of some of these rewards and how many you need to clear the page, I think it’s safe to say that if you want some of the later rewards, it may be worth getting a head start now.


Running alongside the Mysteries of the Lost Gold event, the ‘For Hearts and Mysteries’ gacha banner features four exclusive SSR cards (one for each love interest), with different rate-up odds over the course of the month.

Note: If you want all the details on the rate-up calendar and odds of receiving the cards, you can click the ‘Probability’ button on the top-left corner of the gacha page to get a detailed explanation.

Essentially, there are four SSR cards available on the banner (the usual SSR cards will NOT be available on this banner, only the event exclusives), but throughout the month the rates for each of these SSR cards will change.

There is still the guaranteed ‘pity timer’ that provides an SSR after 100 rolls on the gacha. However, one thing that is different about the pity timer in this event, is that the timer only resets if you receive an SSR card that you didn’t already have.

In other words, if you already received the Artem SSR, and you’ve only done 40 of the 100 rolls needed to get the next guaranteed SSR card, and you receive another copy of the Artem SSR, the timer will stay at 40 instead of going back to 100 rolls until your next guaranteed card. However, if you already have at least one copy of each of the SSR cards, the timer will reset every time.

This makes it easier to collect all of the SSR cards, which I personally think is a great feature to include. You can always upgrade cards with items collected outside of events, so duplicates aren’t technically necessary to max out your card, but once the event is over, you won’t be able to get the unique cards again.

That being said, if you’re particularly interested in only one or two of the cards, I recommend checking the rate-up schedule to maximise your chances of getting the card(s) you want.

Store Sales

There are a range of new event packs available in the ‘Mall’ (Tears of Themis’ in-game store), which are worth checking out if you’re not a free-to-play (F2P) player. If you’re more interested in the gacha than the main event, there are a variety of deals for the event Tears of Themis (Pursuit), including a discounted set that can be purchased with S-Chips instead of gems or real-world currency.

Note: The prices in the screenshots below are in Australian Dollars – prices may vary depending on your location and currency.

Final Thoughts

Mysteries of the Lost Gold is an intricately designed event that could justifiably be considered an entire game in and of itself. With a variety of gameplay features, plentiful rewards, and a unique story, there are plenty of treasures to be gained throughout September in Tears of Themis’ latest event.

I was dubious about the theme when it was first announced (how does treasure hunting fit in with a futuristic detective drama, anyway?), but somehow it works. And, while I haven’t yet finished the story or made substantive progress with the collection aspects, I’m curious to see what happens next, and I’m excited for the bonuses I’ll receive along the way.

I also like how the different layers of rewards mean you can participate at a level that suits you. If you’re only interested in the cards, you can reasonably roll on the gacha without really having to participate in the rest of the event, as you can still exchange S-Chips acquired elsewhere in the game.

If you don’t have much time at the moment but can still manage to log in each day, you can get four exclusive cards and some other useful items. If you just want to play the event for the story, then you can still collect some bonuses as you go, but if you’re intent on clearing out the exchange store, then there’s also plenty of gameplay to enjoy while you grind for the top prizes.

No matter how dedicated you want to be to this event, there are rewards for you. Plus, with the month-long duration, there’s plenty of time to play at your own pace, without feeling rushed to meet a deadline. So far, I’m enjoying the event, and I’m amazed at how complex it is considering it’s a just a limited-time event, rather than an expansion or other form of DLC. If you’re a Tears of Themis fan, I recommend giving Mysteries of the Lost Gold a go, as there’s something here for everyone.

Event Trailer

Game Info

Game Name:
Tears of Themis
Producer(s): miHoYo
Platform: Mobile
Available for download: here!
Age Rating: 3+ (Google Play) / 4+ (Apple Store)

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