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Mobile otome games often run limited-time events featuring exclusive stories, collectibles, art, and other rewards. There are many different kinds of events, but usually they fall into one of four categories; story, collection, gacha, and sale.

Story events offer an event-exclusive story featuring the characters of the game that can only be played for the duration of the event. These stories can be read for free, but may also offer an epilogue or saved version of the story for a fee.

Collection events focus on playing minigames to acquire an event resource, which you can then exchange for prizes. Think a carnival, where you participate in games to get tickets and cash them in, except this time you’re trying to win pretty art of pretty men and other in-game goodies.

Gacha events are one of the most common types of events. For a limited time, certain cards will appear on the ‘banner’, which means they have increased odds for the duration of the event. Sometimes these are cards that are available in the permanent collection, but there are often events featuring exclusive cards that will no longer be available after the event ends.

Sale events aren’t available for free – they either sell a story, item, card, or other DLC that you can only access by paying up-front. This can be a unique story with your favourite love interest, a full-voiced drama CD, new outfits for your favourite characters, or other cards, items, and other collectibles.

It can be difficult to know which events to participate in, as they often require large amounts of time or money (or both). They can also be complicated, with certain times scheduled for boosted drop rates or discounts on items, so we’ve reviewed some events to help you figure out when to spend, and when to save. Each review typically features a brief guide to the event’s gameplay mechanics, to help you get a head start on collecting the prizes!

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