Our Mission

Sweet & Spicy aim to review otome games not to decide what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’, but to show each game and character’s appeal so you can choose where to spend your time, energy, and money. With countless otome games to choose from – each with multiple characters and endings – it can be overwhelming to decide where to start, and no one wants to waste time playing a game they don’t enjoy.

Through our Sweet and Spicy ratings, you can easily see whether a story is wholesome and romantic or passionate and sexy. For stories with premium options, we review each choice so you can decide where to spend your money. Our goal isn’t just to share our opinions, but to make it easier for otome game players to find a love story that appeals to them, so we can all get the most out of the games we love.

Our Team

Oona Tempest

☆ Role: Founder, Writer, Editor, Director
☆ Pronouns: She/They
☆ #1 Husband: Mitsuhide (IkeSen)

A yandere, flirt, and DILF enthusiast with a passion for problematic ikemen, melodrama, and all things fae.

Streamer, writer, and founder of Sweet & Spicy.

Fun fact: Colour blind, but only for red flags.

RJ Mercy

☆ Role: Writer
☆ Pronouns: They/Them
☆ #1 Husband: Akaza (Olympia Soiree)

Late blooming romance lover living the dream of playing games and writing about 2D men.

Obsessive content consumer, awkward streamer, and casual reviewer.

Fun fact: I sleep with several men in my bed at night.



Artist (Emotes)

CAOSheep (also known as KAOISheep) designed the custom “Oona” emotes available for use on the Sweet & Spicy Discord server and on Twitch for subscribers of Oona’s channel.


Artist (Reactive PNG)

Dizzydreamboy illustrated a reactive PNG model for Oona’s Twitch streams, a “Beg” emote for use on Discord and Twitch (bits reward), and other illustrations, including Oona’s Discord profile picture.


Marketing Consultant

GirlPixelated contributed to the establishment of the original Sweet & Spicy brand by conducting market research prior to launch and assisting with the design of our first brand kit.

Mary Safro

Artist (Character Design)

Mary Safro is the artist behind the iconic “Oona Tempest” character design that can now be found throughout Oona’s social media and branding, and formed the basis for other “Oona” artworks.

Nakita Melo

Artist (Character Design)

Nakita Melo designed RJ’s avatar and has produced numerous illustrations for RJ, including the ones used for their author bio images on this site and other commissioned fanworks.

Contact Us

For all enquiries, please email us at sweetnspicyreviews@gmail.com or via the form below:

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