Too Many Birthdays… | Current Events | Mobile Game Mondays #5

Welcome to ‘Current Events: Mobile Game Mondays’! Each Monday, we post an update on the currently available events for a selection of mobile otome games, including Tears of Themis and the Ikemen Series. We let you know where to find the events, when they start and finish, what sort of rewards you can get, and how to play.

Too Many Birthdays…: There are so many birthday events this week! Ikemen Revolution is celebrating the fourth year of birthday events with Zero, Ikemen Prince has released birthday story sales for the silver-haired twins, Nokto and Klein, Ikemen Sengoku is celebrating their own silver-haired ikemen in Akechi Mitsuhide’s story event and story sale, and Ikemen Vampire has started birthday celebrations for the Saint-Germain, whose route release is also on the way!

There are also a few new story events, including the surprisingly raunchy Ikemen Revolution event, ‘Love is Like a Rose‘, all themed around ‘punishment’, and the not-so-surprisingly raunchy Ikemen Vampire event, ‘A Taste of Temptation‘, which has the theme of ‘intoxication’.

We can also see the start of the Halloween wave of events, with Ikemen Vampire starting the trend in a gacha event called, ‘Haunted Halloween’, and Ikemen Revolution bringing back their ‘Spooky Night’ story sale event…

New Events

Tears of Themis

Cleaning Robot MIA Case
Minigame, Tasks
Finishes: 13th October (06:00 AM AEST)

The iconic NXX headquarters vacuum robot has gone missing! Complete event tasks to earn ‘markers’ and unlock tile pieces in this 8-bit minigame event. This event is shorter than some of the previous ones, and it’s much less complicated, but it still has generous rewards available for completing the minigame levels, including an Event-Limited player profile badge!

Event Features: There are event tasks that give the event resource ‘marker’ as a reward. Go to the event page (via the ‘event’ button underneath ‘tasks’) to read the brief event story and spend markers to unlock tiles in the puzzle minigame. Once you have unlocked the tiles, rotate them to form a path and clear the stage for a variety of rewards.

Feedback Survey
Finishes: 13th October (06:00 AM AEST)

This isn’t technically an event, but for a limited time, players who have cleared level 02-28 of the Main Story can participate in a feedback survey for a 1 x Tear of Themis reward.

The questions are about player experience and the overall quality of the game. There’s also an open question at the end for any feedback you wish to give, so if you have anything you want to tell the game devs, now’s your chance!

Ikémen Prince

Nokto’s Birthday: Year 1
Story Sale (Birthday)
Finishes: 1st November (09:59 AM JST)

To celebrate the ‘naughty’ half of the ‘naughty and nice’ Klein twins, Ikemen Prince have released a special story sale for Nokto’s birthday. There are three sets for sale: Mini, Deluxe, and Premium. The Mini set features the special birthday story, card, and photo, all titled, ‘Emptiness Inside Me’, as well as the avatar attire, ‘Nokto B-Day Ribbon’.

The Deluxe version has everything from the Mini set, as well as the avatar attire, ‘Nokto B-Day Dress’, however the birthday story is from his perspective, not MC’s. The Premium set contains everything in both the Mini and Deluxe sets (including the story from both perspectives), as well as the avatar attire, ‘B-Day Year 1 Nokto’, which, from the preview image, looks like a chibi of Nokto with a birthday cake.

Essentially, if you want the story only from MC’s perspective, you can purchase the Mini set, if you want it only from Nokto’s perspective, you can purchase the Deluxe set, but if you want both, then you’ll need to either purchase both of those sets, or the Premium set.

Licht’s Birthday: Year 1
Story Sale (Birthday)
Finishes: 1st November (09:59 AM JST)

Twins mean two birthday events at the same time, and the Klein brothers are no exception. Alongside the release of Nokto’s birthday story sale, we also have the first birthday event for Licht, the ‘nice’ counterpart to the flirtatious, ‘naughty’ Nokto.

As with the other ‘Year 1’ birthday events we’ve seen so far, there are three sets available: Mini, Deluxe, and Premium. The Mini set contains the special birthday story (from MC’s perspective), card, and photo, all titled, ‘Hard to Let You Go’, as well as the avatar attire, ‘Licht B-Day Ribbon’.

The Deluxe set features everything in the Mini set, except the story is from Licht’s perspective, not MC’s. It also contains the avatar attire, ‘Licht B-Day Dress’. The Premium set has everything in both the Mini and Deluxe sets, including the birthday story from both perspectives, as well as the avatar attire, ‘B-Day Year 1 Licht’, which appears to be a chibi of Licht with a birthday cake.

Ikémen Vampire

Saint-Germain’s Birthday – Enduring Eternity
Story Sale (Birthday)
Finishes: 27th October (10:00 AM JST)

If the Klein twins weren’t enough, we have more birthdays to celebrate, with everyone’s favourite vampiric father figure, Le Comte de Saint-Germain’s birthday in the new Ikemen Vampire event, ‘Enduring Eternity’. This also happens to coincide with the announcement of his route release, so Saint-Germain fans have a lot to celebrate this month!

There are two sets available for sale, Mini and Deluxe. This is the third year of celebrating Saint-Germain’s birthday in Ikemen Vampire, and his previous birthday story sales are available again, giving players a total of six sets to choose from (a mini and deluxe set for each of the three years).

I won’t list the contents of all six sets, but the general rule is that the Mini set contains the birthday story, photo, and two pieces of attire, whereas the Deluxe set contains the story (but from his perspective), photo, card, and three pieces of attire (different from those available in the mini set).

Tip: Make sure you check to see if you have already purchased these in previous years, as you won’t receive a second copy of any stories, photos, or cards you received in prior purchases (however, duplicate cards will be converted to trading stamps).

A Taste of Temptation
Story Event
Finishes: 8th October (10:00 AM JST)

Ikemen Vampire never fails to deliver to the thirsty otome game fans. Their latest story event, ‘A Taste of Temptation’, features three story routes, each with two different endings and an epilogue. The available characters are Jean d’Arc, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Theodorus Van Gogh.

These stories follow a theme of ‘intoxication’, but not of alcohol. One of the available rewards is a new item, called a ‘Save Outfit’, which allows players to save a particular avatar set-up so they can switch between different looks without having to re-select all of the attire items.

Speaking of avatar attire, there are lots of these available as rewards for completing story endings and increasing your love points. The theme for the attire is ‘Royal Violet’, with rich reds and deep purples being the main colour scheme.

Ikémen Sengoku

Mitsuhide’s B-Day Fest: 2021
Story Event
Finishes: 5th October (06:00 PM PST)

With yet another October birthday, we have the 2021 B-Day Fest for the silver fox, Akechi Mitsuhide in Ikemen Sengoku. His Birthday is being celebrated in multiple parts, but the B-Day Fest specifically refers to the story event.

Read his story (without chapter tickets!) and raise your score to unlock exclusive birthday rewards, including a new, animated theme for ‘His Room’ and attire.

Mitsuhide’s Birthday: Shape of Love
Story Sale (Birthday)
Finishes: 31st October (06:00 PM PST)

In conjunction with his story event, Ikemen Sengoku have also released a new birthday story for sale, titled, ‘Shape of Love’. For 900 coins, you can purchase a set containing the exclusive birthday story (his perspective), photo, voice clip, ‘His Room’ theme, letter and castle avatar.

The sets for his birthday from previous years are also available again during this sale, but be sure to check you haven’t already purchased them before!

Flower Garden Fairy
Gacha Event (Fashion)
Finishes: 30th October (06:00 PM PST)

Get flower fairy-themed avatar attire in the new Ikemen Sengoku fashion gacha event, ‘Flower Garden Fairy’! This gacha uses ‘gacha tokens’, which can be accumulated through event rewards and log-in bonuses, but generally need to be purchased through the in-game store via real-world currency.

Some of the attire in this gacha will provide an event boost for an upcoming story event, ‘Behind His Passionate Sword’, which will start on 14th October at 06:00 PM PST.

Ikémen Revolution

Love is Like a Rose
Story Event
Finishes: 11th October (12:00 PM AEST)

Enjoy the sweetness of a rose, but watch out for the thorns, in this new Ikemen Revolution story event, with the decidely-not-innocent theme of, ‘punishment’… Remember when I said Ikemen Revolution was more innocent than the other titles in the Ikemen Series? I’d like to whole-heartedly retract that statement…

There are six available characters, each with two endings, meaning a total of twelve endings and plenty of bonuses for clearing as many of them as possible. The six available characters are: Dean Tweedle, Edgar Bright, Jonah Clemence, Lancelot Kingsley, Sirius Oswald, and Oliver Knight.

Sweet Kiss
Gacha Event
Finishes: 21st October (06:00 PM PST)

In stark contrast to the new story event, Ikemen Revolution has also released a new gacha banner, called ‘Sweet Kiss’, which features three new cards, as well as re-runs of three previous ‘Sweet Kiss’ cards.

The three new cards are for Oliver Knight, Edgar Bright, and Kyle Ash. The three previous cards are for Jonah Clemence, Lancelot Kingsley, and Ray Blackwell.

These cards will not be available in the ongoing gacha pool after the event, so if you want any of these cards, you’ll need to roll for them in this event!

Zero’s Birthday: Story IV
Story Sale (Birthday)
Finishes: 30th October (06:00 PM PST)

For the fourth year in a row, Ikemen Revolution players can celebrate Zero’s birthday in a new special story sale. The birthday stories from previous years are all back again, with multiple set options available for each year’s story.

This year, there’s also an ‘early’ option, where you can get extra avatar attire by purchasing the ‘special set’ by 9th October at 06:00 PM PST!

Spooky Night
Story Sale (Halloween)
Finishes: 3rd November (12:00 PM AEST)

If you missed the previous run of ‘Spooky Night’, a Halloween-themed story sale event in Ikemen Revolution, then have no fear, as it’s returning again for Halloween 2021! Purchase spooky stories with eight love interests; Edgar Bright, Jonah Clemence, Luka Clemence, Kyle Ash, Loki Genetta, Ray Blackwell, Seth Hyde, and Fenrir Godspeed.

As with the other story sale re-runs, make sure you check your saved story collection to avoid purchasing the same story twice!

Ongoing Events

Ikémen Prince

Be My Lover, Be My Beast (Part 1)
Story Event
Finishes: 5th October (09:59 AM JST)

Ikemen Prince has released it’s first story event, ‘Be My Lover, Be My Beast (Part 1)’, with routes available for Leon Dompteur, Yves Kloss, Licht Klein, Jin Grandet, and Sariel Noir. The premise for the event stories is that Sariel has asked you to choose a prince to be your ‘pretend lover’ in order to dispel certain troublesome rumours…

Event Features: The stories, so far, seem largely unrelated to the main routes, so it’s a good chance to try out characters you’re interested in. While Leon and Yves’ routes are currently available, Licht, Jin, and Sariel’s routes are not yet released, so now’s your chance to experience a love story with them while we wait for their main routes!

Each route has two main chapters with a further chapter for each of the two endings: sweet and premium. You don’t need chapter tickets to read these event stories, but you will need to do special ‘event salons’ to raise your score and complete ‘love trials’ in order to unlock the full story.

Bonus: There are also epilogues available for purchase after completing an event route, as well as lots of avatar attire and other rewards!

Ikémen Vampire

Haunted Halloween
Gacha Event (Premium)
Finishes: 31st October (10:00 AM JST)

Ikemen Vampire has released the Premium Gacha Event, ‘Haunted Halloween’! For the event, new 5-Star cards of all 12 love interests are available, and each card comes with unique Halloween-themed animations.

Event Features: 12 x 5-Star Cards (one for each love interest).

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