RedRoseMandy | Writer | Community Spotlight #2

Welcome to the second part of ‘Community Spotlight’! In this series, we interview otome content creators and showcase some of their work to help spread the word about talented, creative people in our community.

For part 2, we’re shining the spotlight on blogger and fanfiction author, RedRoseMandy, to learn more about the woman behind the words…

We’ll start with an interview, followed by a showcase, and finish up with some recommendations on where to read more. The showcase features excerpts of two articles from Mandy’s blog, as well as a fanfiction preview, and we’ve included links to read the full works – so be sure to check out anything that catches your interest!

But, without further ado, let’s jump into the interview…


Where did the name RedRoseMandy come from?

When I read Kiss of the Rose Princess by Aya Shouoto I was obsessed with Kaede, the Red Rose Knight. It also unintentionally matched with a long time friend’s handle.

What inspired you to start your blog?

I mostly wanted to share my love of otome and things meant for women, though I have since spread my wings towards a slightly more general audience occasionally. I also found that my opinions sometimes differed from the norm, usually having more positive ones, so I wanted to make that known.

Which otome game got you hooked on the genre?

My very first otome, Mystic Messenger. I don’t think it’s flawless, and I never went back for Another Story, but I’ll forever appreciate it for bringing me to the genre, as well as simply making me aware of it.

Who is your #1 best boy?

Kei Soejima from Masquerade Kiss on the Love 365 app. I have trauma in the same area, though I never experienced anything nearly as bad as he did.

The first post I read of yours was, ‘Heroines I Want to Date‘, so I need to know, who is your #1 best girl?

For just heroines, it is Cardia from Code:Realize. Leaving the joseimuke sphere, I adore Rika Seto from the D4DJ franchise.

We’ve talked about your love for the ‘childhood friend’ trope in your otome book club meetings, but are there any other character or plot tropes that you particularly love?

Haraguro (basically a wolf in sheep’s clothing), Sadists, Genki, Exes (usually high school sweet hearts) that broke up over a misunderstanding, and enemies to lovers.

Do you have any other bonus facts about yourself or the work you do?

I also occasionally write fanfiction, mostly of the character x reader type, but sometimes I do character x character ships.

Featured Works

A huge thank you to RedRoseMandy for answering our questions! Mandy was also kind enough to share with us a few of her blog posts and fanfiction, so we’re pleased to present the excerpts below…

From The Blog

I’ve Fallen For A3! (And I Can’t Get Up)

I was going to make this post when I first finished Act 1 of A3! not long after it came out in English and now here I am finally doing it over a year later. A3! took over my life with it’s beautiful story telling and characters. The gameplay might be boring to many, but I enjoy that I can mostly just let it play itself and do my own thing.

A3! is about an adult woman named Izumi Tachibana (first name changeable) who receives a letter addressed to her missing father. She goes to MANKAI Company, and through a chain of events, becomes the new general director. The theater is split into 4 troupes – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. She helps all of her actors BLOOM!…

RedRoseMandy’s Intro to Otome: Finding Your First Love

What is an otome game?

An otome game is simply a romance game with a female lead for the female gaze. Traditionally they are WLM, but WLW and WLNB routes do exist. Even in Japanese ones.

A similar term is joseimuke, which refers to anything intended for women.

Another similar term is the new term, amare, which refers to romance games which focus on inclusivity and are generally directed to the non-male gaze…


Afternoon Nap

One afternoon, you were with your boyfriend of a few weeks, Kazunari, at the living room of Mankai when he let out his voice.

“I’m legit tired… How about a nap, just the two of us?”

Kazu’s mouth let out an adorable yawn as he asked you the flirtatious question, bringing a hint of red to your cheeks just before you let out your own yawn.

“It… sounds nice to me…”

You noticed Kazu’s eyes go wide for a split second, before he broke into a “confident” smile. Perhaps he wasn’t expecting you to accept his invitation…

Want More?

RedRoseMandy has a blog of the same name, and you can read more of her fanfiction at Archive of Our Own. She’s also on Twitter, and hosts a discord server for bi-monthly Otome Book Club meetings!

Twitter: @RedRoseMandy
Otome Book Club:

The next Otome Book Club meeting will be held on 15th October at 7PM CDT (UTC -5). The topic is Toa’s route from 7’sCarlet, so please feel free to join the server and come along to the meeting, or maybe vote for the next otome game!

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