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We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re now on Patreon! If you like our reviews, this is a new way to show your support, and have a say in the games and characters we cover on our site.

We have three tiers available – R, SR and SSR – which offer the following rewards:

  • R – $1 per month
    • No rewards, just a thank you and a warm, fuzzy feeling!
  • SR – $3 per month
    • Access to our weekly VIP newsletter
    • Your name credited on our website and reviews
  • SSR – $6 per month
    • All SR-tier rewards
    • Vote to decide our next review
    • Make requests via our ‘Suggestion Box’

Note: These prices are in USD, but they will automatically convert to whichever currency you choose (provided it’s supported by Patreon).

We have lots of exciting content ready to go, and we’re looking forward to getting your input on who and what to review! Patreon makes it easy for you to give your feedback, so we’ll be using this platform as a way to communicate with you more, and to make sure we’re covering the otome games and characters you want to see the most…


R – Bronze – USD $1.00

Tier Rewards:
☆ A Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

This option is most suitable if you want to support us, but you aren’t that fussed about all the rewards. To clarify, there are no rewards for this tier… well, except for a warm, fuzzy feeling (optional).

SR – Silver – USD $3.00

Tier Rewards:
☆ Shout-out on Website and Reviews
☆ Access to VIP Newsletter
☆ A Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

This option is most suitable if you want to keep up to date with our latest news and reviews via our weekly VIP email newsletter. We’ll also credit your name on our website (lifetime) and any reviews we publish (until your membership expires)!

SSR – Gold – USD $6.00

Tier Rewards:
☆ Vote to Determine Next Review
☆ Request Games & Characters for Review
☆ Shout-out on Website and Reviews
☆ Access to VIP Newsletter
☆ A Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

This option is most suitable if you want to have your say on what (and who) we review. You’ll gain access to polls and suggestion boxes, where you can vote for the next otome game or character we review, or make a request for something entirely new!


VIP Newsletter

Each week, on a Saturday afternoon, we send an email newsletter to all our VIP supporters. The newsletter includes (but isn’t limited to) a re-cap of any news, reviews, and updates from that week, so it’s a great way to stay in the loop, especially if you’re not that interested in social media.

When you become a Patron, you will automatically receive a link to the sign-up sheet – you just need to click the link, put in your name and email address, and you’re on the list!

Note: If you want to sign up to the newsletter, but you aren’t keen on Patreon, you can also get the link by donating via our Ko-fi page.

Available on tier(s): SR – Silver, SSR – Gold

Shout-out on Website and Reviews

As a thank you for supporting our site, we’ll credit your name at the end of any reviews we post while your membership is active. You’ll also be added to our lifetime list of supporters, where your name will remain, even if you stop being a patron (unless you ask us to take it down, of course).

Note: If your Patreon username isn’t what you’d like us to use for the shout-out, please send us a message with your preferred name, and we’ll use that instead.

Available on tier(s): SR – Silver, SSR – Gold

Voting & Requests

We want to make sure we’re posting the reviews you want to read, so we’ll be holding regular polls on Patreon to determine which otome games and characters to review next. SSR – Gold tier Patrons will be able to vote in these polls, meaning you’ll be able to choose the content we post on our site.

We’ll also post a monthly ‘Suggestion Box’, where you can request games and characters. If there’s anything (or anyone) you’ve been dying for us to cover, now’s your chance to let us know!

Note: Requests aren’t limited to the Suggestion Box post – we’ll prioritise any requests made by SSR – Gold Patrons, even if they’re sent in elsewhere. This is just a way for us to put all the requests in one place, so it’s easier to keep track of them!

Available on tier(s): SSR – Gold

Support Sweet & Spicy

If you like what we do, please consider supporting us by becoming a Patron. Here in the English-speaking community, the otome game industry is still in its early stages, and our goal is to share the love with as many people as possible, so we can all benefit from the community’s growth. More otome fans means more money for otome developers, which, in turn, means more games for fans!

Furthermore, we want to help otome fans like ourselves find the right games and characters for our tastes. Reviews are opinion pieces, so we’ll still share our own thoughts, but we’re not here to say what counts as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Instead, we’ll talk about what we liked, what we disliked, and why. This way, we can highlight the themes and appeal of each game or character, so you can decide where to spend your time and money, based on your own preferences.

If you like the sound of that, you can become a Patron here! However, we know that this won’t suit everyone, so we have a few alternative ways to show your support…

Make a one-off donation: If a monthly subscription isn’t your thing, you can still make a one-off donation via our Ko-fi page. This will give you access to our newsletter, and your name credited on our website. It doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of a Patreon membership, but it’s still a very much appreciated way to support us.

Share the love on social media: Consider this the ‘free-to-play’ version of Sweet & Spicy! Share our reviews on social media, send them to your friends, and help us get the word out. We’re available on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit, so feel free to follow us, like and share our posts, or maybe leave a comment, to show your support.

Thank You!

~☆ Patrons! ☆~

SSR – Tarranga

~☆ Donations! ☆~


Mary Safro

For business enquiries, please contact us at: sweetnspicyreviews@gmail.com

Twitter | Facebook | Reddit

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