Honkai Impact 3rd Exhibition 2022 Makes World Premiere This March | News

The first official artwork exhibition held worldwide – Honkai Impact 3rd is celebrating the 4th anniversary of its GLB server with a series of exhibitions in multiple cities around the world…

The tour kicked off in Berlin on March 11, and will continue to New York, São Paulo, and other cities. Over 300 official artworks will make their first public display, dazzling global audience with a visual feast that highlights the immersive offline experience.

Current exhibitions listed:
☆ Berlin, Germany (Started on March 11) – Find out more: here!
☆ New York, USA (Starting on March 25) – Find out more: here!
☆ São Paulo, Brazil (Starting on April 29) – Find out more: here!
☆ Moscow, Russia (Postponed until further notice) – Find out more: here!

The exhibition showcases over 300 exclusive official artworks including CGs, illustrations, promotional arts, and merchandise. Divided into several themed sections, every area of the exhibition will bring a unique visiting experience.

For instance, “Hyperion Sets Sail!” and “Merchandise Exhibition” both feature life-size Valkyries giving visitors a close-up of character designs, while “Birth of Herrschers” and “A Post-Honkai Odyssey” present selected illustrations and CGs that help visitors relive their emotional journey.

Onsite Photographs

The free exhibition is currently being held in Neue Schule für Fotografie, Brunnenstr. 188-190, Berlin, Germany, open from March 11th to 20th, and will then proceed to other cities, including New York (March 25 -April 3) and São Paulo (April 29 -May 8).

To protect the health and safety of visitors and staff members, tickets are reserved and pulled online. The final pulling results will be shown on the official website. For details on ticket pulling, visiting times, attendance bonuses, and merchandise line-up, please visit the official website: here!

About Honkai Impact 3rd

Honkai Impact 3rd is set in a modern world corrupted by mysterious energy known as Honkai. A tenacious resistance formed by Valkyries, brave girls carrying anti-Honkai genes, leads humanity in a war of survival and fights for everything that is beautiful in the world.

Since its launch on mobile devices, the game has won an international following and frequently topped App Store’s and Google Play’s download charts. The game has supported cross-save since late 2019, making the Honkai-verse more accessible than ever.

The four-year journey with Hyperion was full of tears and laughter. As the story unfolds and the characters grow, Captains have witnessed the Valkyries’ everlasting fight for all that’s beautiful in the world. To commemorate the momentum and all the precious memories made thus far, the Honkai Impact 3rd Exhibition 2022 sets sail to present the epic lore and gorgeous aesthetics in real life.

Game Info

Game Name: Honkai Impact 3rd
Developer: HoYoverse
Publisher: HoYoverse
Platform: Android, iOS, Steam
Age Rating: 12+ (Apple Store) / Teen (Google Play)
More information: here!

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