Feel the Current of an Electrifying Night in Tears of Themis! | News

Feel the current of an “Electrifying Night” in Tears of Themis — The second part of this limited-time event starts on March 25. Encounter him in the midst of crowded streets, as racing hearts beat to the tune of a moving melody…

Event Duration: 25th of March to 15th of April, 2022
Event Type: Mix of tasks, minigames (board game), and gacha banner

This event will be available from March 25 to April 15, 2022. To participate, complete daily tasks in limited-time challenges to earn ‘Loaded Dice’, which you can then use to move a corresponding number of steps on a game board.

This game board contains a variety of random ‘Teleport Points’ — if you find the correct ‘Teleport Point’, you’ll be transported to the secret location: ‘Trendy Bar’.

Here, you can explore the mysterious bar to obtain card levelling materials and other rewards. Plus, if you complete all of the ‘Trendy Bar’ tasks, you’ll gain the event-limited “Electrifying Badge”!

Event Trailer

Electrifying Reveries

Further to the ‘Trendy Bar’ tasks and board game, there will be limited-time “Electrifying Reveries” tasks available between March 25 and April 15. Complete these ‘Reveries Tasks’ to obtain ‘Reveries EXP’ and increase your ‘Electrifying Reveries’ level.

When you reach certain designated levels, you’ll obtain a variety of rewards, including: event-exclusive Artem SR “Winning Ball”, Tears of Themis, and S-Chips.

Event Rewards:
☆ Player Badge: “Electrifying Badge”
☆ Artem SR card: “Winning Ball”
☆ Four new ‘Chibi Invitations’
☆ Items: Tears of Themis, S-Chips, card levelling materials, and more!

The four new interactive chibi invitations obtainable during the event period are: Luke “Skateboarding Challenge”, Artem “Private Instructions”, Vyn “Into My Heart”, and Marius “Mark of Graffiti”.

Plus, the in-game Mall will host a limited-time sale of the “Electrifying” series of outfits, as seen throughout the event!

Gacha, gacha, gacha!

The “Electrifying Night” event banner, or ‘Shadow of Themis’, will also be available from March 25 to April 15. There are three event-limited cards on rate-up for this banner: Luke SSR “Through the Heavens”, Vyn SSR “Neon Melody”, and Marius SR “Vibrant Graffiti”.

Game Info

Game Name: Tears of Themis
Developer: miHoYo
Publisher: miHoYo
Platform: Android / iOS
Age Rating: T – Teen (Google Play) / 12+ (Apple Store)
More information: here!

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