Sweet & Spicy is Now on Discord! | News

Join the conversation on our new Sweet & Spicy Discord server! – Today is the launch day for our new server on Discord, and where better to share the news than here?

For those who are interested in joining, you can do via the following invite link: https://discord.gg/tb2s3M35Gr

If you’re curious, but want to know more before you join, here’s a rundown of how the server works and what you can do on it…

Server Features

Since this is a new venture for Sweet & Spicy, we’re keeping it simple for now with plans to expand in the future. At the time of writing, the server features: five public channels, three VIP channels, and a NSFW channel for those who meet the relevant age requirements.

If you’re a supporter on Patreon, you’ll have access to three exclusive channels: VIP general chat, VIP requests, and VIP announcements. Here, you can chat with other supporters, make requests for upcoming reviews and other Sweet & Spicy content, and be the first to know about any exciting news we may have to share!

If you’re not a supporter on Patreon, you can still access and enjoy the server! There are five channels that are accessible for everyone, including a place to chat with other otome fans, a channel for promoting your own content, and a channel for all our news and announcements to help you stay in the loop.

There’s also an age-restricted NSFW channel for those who like to live on the “spicy” side of life, but please note that in order to gain access to this channel, you’ll need to send a message to one of the Admins and/or Mods. If you’re not interested in NSFW content, don’t worry, it’s entirely optional, and you can still hang out with other fans in the main general chat channel!

If you have any questions or problems accessing the server, feel free to send an email through to sweetnspicyreviews@gmail.com, or a message on Twitter. Otherwise, click here to receive an invite to our new Discord server, and we’ll see you there!

Join our server by clicking the icon above!

Thank You

~☆ Patrons ☆~

SSR – Tarranga

SSR – Caroline

SR – Teryarel

SR – Fitzroy

SR – Tein

R – Vilicus

R – Salla Räisänen

Contact Us

For media, PR, and all other enquiries, please email us at: sweetnspicyreviews@gmail.com

Patreon | Twitter | Facebook | Reddit | Discord

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