LlamaFloofs Otome Merchandise | Washi Tape, Keychains, Gachapon Shakers, and more! | Merch Review

Otome merchandise is hard to find, but the LlamaFloofs Etsy store has our backs with an adorable, high-quality line of otome-themed goods featuring unique chibi head designs.

From customized keychains, to shakeable gachapons, washi tape, and sticker sheets, you’re bound to find some shiny new otome merch to adore…

Store name: LlamaFloofs
Merchandise: Gachapon shakers, keychains, phone charms, sticker sheets, washi tape, and more!
Games currently available: Bustafellows, Cafe Enchante, Collar x Malice, Cupid Parasite, Olympia Soiree, Piofiore, Variable Barricade.

Disclaimer: I was provided with some free products in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

Gachapon Shaker Update & Restock

There’s a lot to love in LlamaFloof’s line of otome merch, but one in particular stands out for its quality and creativity. The otome gachapon shaker charms work as both acrylic standees and keychains, and they’re functional too! When you shake them, the little heads rattle around inside the gachapon, until one falls down as your “prize”.

You may have seen these in the LlamaFloofs Etsy store before, but they’re now back in stock with a new and improved design! Here are the changes:

Previous Design – All gachapons had a white line in the clear “ window” as part of the design, 5 head
gachapon designs had two small capsule balls in place of the 6th MC head.
New Design – White line has been removed for all designs (both 5 and 6 heads), 5 head
designs now have 1 capsule ball the size of 1 head instead of 2 small ones.

I have the Cupid Parasite gachapon shaker in the original design, and it looks great on the shelf above my desk! It’s bright, colourful, and when I need a quick brain break from work, I can pick it up, give it a little shake and see who falls into the square. I absolutely love it, and I recommend these gachapons to anyone looking for a unique and creative piece of otome merchandise that has both form and function!

Washi Tape

I first discovered the Llamafloof store through Squishylama’s comment in the weekly self-promotion thread on the r/otomegames subreddit. The mention of otome-themed washi tape caught my eye as I love collecting washi tape and using it to set up wall art collages in my office. I figured some tape with an otome-themed design would be perfect, and I’m glad I followed my curiosity!

The designs are adorable, and the colours are so vibrant! They’re honestly so pretty that I’ve been too afraid to open them up just yet, but I’m happy to admire them along with my other washi tapes in the meantime.

I just can’t get over how crisp and clean the designs look! Even from a distance they’re easy to see, and up close you can appreciate all the little details. I ordered the Piofiore, Collar x Mallice, and Olympia Soiree tapes, and I’m incredibly happy with them. If you’re an otome and washi tape fan, I highly recommend these ones by Squishylama!

Keychains & Phone Charms

For a more customisable option, the store has several variations on keychains and phone charms to suit your preferences. These charms and chains feature the same chibi head designs as the gachapon shakers, but this time you can choose a combination of LIs and MCs!

There’s a “couples” option for an MC of your choice with your fave LI, or you can choose any combo of two, three, or four LIs. Plus, you can choose between a keychain or phone strap attachment! I chose a three-LI keychain featuring Yang (Piofiore), Allan (Cupid Parasite), and Kei (Collar x Malice).

Look how cute they are!

It’s incredibly cute and, once again, I’m amazed by the detail and vibrancy of the designs! I’ve hung mine on my wall with my collection of badges and charms, and it makes me smile whenever I see it.


My sticker sheets ❤

Also available are the otome sticker sheets, which you can buy individually or in sets of three or seven. I have the Piofiore, Collar x Malice, and Cupid Parasite designs, and they’re so cute! I’m setting up an otome display in my home office, and these stickers are perfect for decorating. They work well with the washi tape, too!

& More!

The products featured in this review are only the newer listings in the LlamaFloofs Etsy store, but there’s plenty more to browse. Orlok fans, in particular, can enjoy a shirtless print of their fave, and Yang fans can buy a sticker, standee, and/or keychain of panda Yang.

Finding otome merch can be tricky, and finding high quality otome merch is even trickier. But, even aside from the novelty factor of finding elusive merch, Squishylama’s designs stand on their own as cute, vibrant, and detailed, and the gachapon shakers are an innovative idea that makes this chibi otome line of products unique.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking out the LlamaFloofs store on Etsy and treating yourself while stocks last! The popular items were restocked recently, but if the initial launch is anything to go by, you’ll need to get in quickly to avoid waiting for yet another round of restocks in the future.

Store name: Llamafloofs
Merchandise: Gachapon shakers, keychains, phone charms, sticker sheets, washi tape, and more!
Games currently available: Bustafellows, Cafe Enchante, Collar x Malice, Cupid Parasite, Olympia Soiree, Piofiore, Variable Barricade.

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