Our Team

Oona Tempest

☆ Role: Founder, Writer, Editor, Director
☆ Pronouns: She/They
☆ #1 Husband: Mitsuhide (IkeSen)

A yandere, flirt, and DILF enthusiast with a passion for problematic ikemen, melodrama, and all things fae.

Streamer, writer, and founder of Sweet & Spicy.

Fun fact: Colour blind, but only for red flags.

Also Known For…

The Last Aster (2023)

Genres: Visual Novel, Romance, Otome, Amare, Kinetic

For NaNoRenO 2023, I worked with LegendEx Games to produce a romantic kinetic novel titled, “The Last Aster”.

Synopsis: As the war grows more serious, the people of Hyacinth begin preparing for a desperate new future. All able men above the age of 18 are being called to perform their duties and join the war effort.
It is Cedar’s last weekend with his lover, Aster, before he too goes off to fight for his country. Follow the couple as they say their goodbyes in this heart wrenching love story that was made in one month for NaNoRenO 2023.

The Last Aster is available for free on: itch.io

RJ Mercy

☆ Role: Writer
☆ Pronouns: They/Them
☆ #1 Husband: Akaza (Olympia Soiree)

Late blooming romance lover living the dream of playing games and writing about 2D men.

Obsessive content consumer, awkward streamer, and casual reviewer.

Fun fact: I sleep with several men in my bed at night.



Artist (Emotes)

CAOSheep (also known as KAOISheep) designed the custom “Oona” emotes available for use on the Sweet & Spicy Discord server and on Twitch for subscribers of Oona’s channel.


Artist (Reactive PNG)

Dizzydreamboy illustrated a reactive PNG model for Oona’s Twitch streams, a “Beg” emote for use on Discord and Twitch (bits reward), and other illustrations, including Oona’s Discord profile picture.


Marketing Consultant

GirlPixelated contributed to the establishment of the original Sweet & Spicy brand by conducting market research prior to launch and assisting with the design of our first brand kit.

Mary Safro

Artist (Character Design)

Mary Safro is the artist behind the iconic “Oona Tempest” character design that can now be found throughout Oona’s social media and branding, and formed the basis for other “Oona” artworks.

Nakita Melo

Artist (Character Design)

Nakita Melo designed RJ’s avatar and has produced numerous illustrations for RJ, including the ones used for their author bio images on this site and other commissioned fanworks.

Contact Us

For all enquiries, please email us at sweetnspicyreviews@gmail.com or via the form below:

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