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My personal favourite of the Tears of Themis cast; Artem is kind, gentle, hard-working, and able to remain impressively cool, even in incredibly tense situations. He’s either wearing a business suit or a turtleneck sweater (which he absolutely pulls off, by the way), and while he typically seems serious and work-oriented, Artem also shows a softer, more vulnerable side that he clearly doesn’t have much experience in expressing.

Similar to: Leonardo Da Vinci (Ikemen Vampire), Harr Silver (Ikemen Revolution), Sirius Oswald (Ikemen Revolution)

Artem is also perceptive and thoughtful, reading books on all kinds of subjects both for fun and to continue improving himself, particularly in areas where he lacks experience, such as dating and romance. In his struggle to determine the most effective way to communicate his feelings to MC without being too pushy or making her uncomfortable, Artem shows us that being a genius when it comes to law doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a genius when it comes to other areas of expertise, especially love.

Onii-san / Oji-san / Tensai

Tropes: I’ve used both ‘onii-san’ (older brother) and ‘oji-san’ (mature man/older man) because I feel like his personality overlaps somewhere between the two. While he’s not significantly older than MC (nor does he behave in an old-fashioned manner like Vyn), Artem is a senior attorney at the Themis Law Firm, where he acts as a mentor and role model for MC.

Rather than stepping over MC or taking over the situation, Artem quietly supports her, guiding her towards the outcome she wants rather than telling her where to go and what to do. MC admires him for being able to stay calm in any situation, so she clearly sees him as someone capable and reliable, and even when they become ‘partners’ at work, he still maintains a sense of being senior to her, even if the age gap isn’t particularly large.

Artem also looks out for MC, even when she’s not aware of it. This ties in with the sense I get of him quietly guiding her and supporting her behind the scenes. He’ll help her with her studies, make sure her work environment is in the optimal condition for supporting her growth, and work hard to continue figuring out more effective ways to nurture her potential.

He maintains this analytical approach in most of what he does, often turning to books and research when confronted with something new or unfamiliar. He’s famous for being the youngest lawyer to pass the senior attorney exam, and MC often comments on how quickly he learns new things. He can be a bit oblivious when it comes to social situations or feelings, but even when it comes to matters of the heart, Artem isn’t afraid to admit his lack of expertise, pick up a book, and work on improving himself.

I absolutely adore Artem’s character; his gentle smile when he’s proud of MC hits me in the heart every time, and I love how he supports and guides her with unending patience, and without using situations where she needs help as an excuse to prove how great and capable he is. He genuinely thinks the world of her, and he simply wants MC to be happy and grow into the outstanding lawyer he knows she’s capable of being. Their relationship is exceedingly wholesome – just two people passionate about justice admiring each other and working hard to be a better partner so they can support the person they love.


“You are one comprehensive lexicon that I’d dedicate my life to study.”

– Artem Wing

The main story focuses on the non-romantic plot, as such, there isn’t much of an opportunity to romance Artem, but you do get to spend time working on cases with him, particularly in Chapters 1 and 3. Despite the lack of romance, it’s actually a good opportunity to get to know his character and experience the dynamic he has with MC before any romance is introduced, especially in regards to how they work together.

Still, the main story is definitely more about the overall premise of the game. In fact, it takes all four chapters to be properly introduced to the main cast and reach a point where I felt like I understand the concept of Tears of Themis, even if the major mysteries have yet to be resolved. The game is still new, and further chapters are likely to be added at a later date, so don’t expect too much in the way of character development just yet, as the story that’s currently available is just the beginning.

Personal Story

The scenes with Artem in the main story are enjoyable, but his personal story is where the romance element of his relationship with MC has a chance to shine. So far, Chapters 1 & 2 are available, but it seems there will be more chapters added in the future. You will need to boost your affection score to unlock all the story parts in these two chapters, but this is relatively easy to do through the daily ‘visit’ interactions and reading Artem’s card stories.

I’m not sure how romantic Tears of Themis aims to get in the future, but don’t expect too much from Artem’s first two chapters. There are some flirty moments, and a lot of cute, fluffy scenes, but even by the end of chapter two there isn’t a whole lot of serious development in that area. It seems like this will be a bit of a slow burn, but considering there will at least be a chapter 3, if not more chapters added later, this isn’t too surprising.

The other love interests don’t show up in the story, so you can focus on being romantic with Artem without feeling guilty about going down his route in front of the other characters. His personal story features a unique plot that reveals a softer, more vulnerable side to the typically serious and stoic Artem. The style of romance you can expect from him is shy and awkward, but incredibly endearing.

There are a lot of moments where you think maybe this will be the chance for them to take their relationship to the next level, only for some sort of interference to prevent them from doing so. Usually I find this kind of trope frustrating, but seeing Artem work so hard to overcome each obstacle and keep trying despite being pushed back at every corner just makes me more excited for the moment when his efforts are finally rewarded.

I’m interested to see how the story progresses in Chapter 3 (and potentially beyond), but I’m not in a hurry, as watching this couple slowly figure out their feelings for each other is simply adorable, and you know that with this much build up, the pay-off will be worth the wait.

Final Thoughts

Artem may be a cool-headed senior attorney with a reputation for dominating the court room, but when he’s out of the office and able to relax, he’s a sweater-wearing sweetheart with a gentle smile and a kind heart. In Tears of Themis’ main story we get to witness the business Artem – serious and diligent with prodigious talent when it comes to the law. In his personal story, on the other hand, we get to spend time with his softer side – the Artem who’s good with children and reads books on romance so he can learn how to woo MC without being too pushy, while still maintaining the cool, calm, and collected demeanour that MC admires.

Artem Wing is my favourite of the love interests available in Tears of Themis. He pays attention to MC to figure out what she likes and dislikes, what sort of date she might enjoy, and even things like her favourite flower or favourite dessert so he can surprise her with the gifts he thinks she’ll like the most. He supports and guides her towards her goals without overstepping, and even though she sees him as a mentor (and someone to aspire to), Artem doesn’t see himself as above her in any way.

In fact, he admires MC and often boosts her confidence when she’s feeling unsure by reminding her of how capable and intelligent she is. His gentle smile and awkward blush when he’s caught off-guard will make your heart flutter, even if he’s not your favourite. In short, there’s nothing to dislike about Artem, and you can’t go wrong reading any of his stories. (I also recommend tugging his tie in the ‘visit’ interactions, if you haven’t already!)

You’ll like Artem Wing if you like: men in suits, lawyers, turtleneck sweaters, supportive guys who help you achieve your dreams without being controlling, hard-workers, gentle sweethearts with soothing voices, reliable love interests, guys who are usually cool and calm but get flustered and awkward when you’re nice to them, and men who can cook.


Voice Actor

Suwabe Junichi (諏訪部 順一)

Other works:

  • Sukuna Ryomen (Jujutsu Kaisen)
  • Eraser Head/Aizawa Shota (Boku no Hero Academia)
  • Archer (Fate Series)
  • Hayama Akira (Food Wars)
  • Kaoru Rindo (Cafe Enchante)
  • Abraham Van Helsing (Code: Realize)
  • Undertaker (Black Butler)
  • Viktor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! on ICE)
  • And more…

Game Info

Game Name:
Tears of Themis
Producer: miHoYo
Platform: Mobile
Available to download: here!
Age Rating: 4+ / Everyone

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