Secrets of My Heart | Vyn’s Birthday | Tears of Themis | Event Review

With a stunning new SSR card, exclusive event story, unique gameplay, and generous rewards, Tears of Themis players are absolutely spoiled with Vyn Richter’s special birthday event, ‘Secrets of My Heart’.

If you’re a fan of the elegant, gentlemanly psychiatrist – with no fewer than two doctorates – then make sure you don’t forget to celebrate his birthday!

And, even if you’re not a Vyn fan, there are plenty of useful bonuses that make the event appealing for all players, regardless of the theme…

Secrets of My Heart
Duration: 22nd September to 3rd October
Event Features: Story, Tasks, Collection, Gacha, Message & Video Call
Major Rewards: Exclusive cards, ‘Autumn Light’ invitation, event badge, and other in-game items.

The new ‘Secrets of My Heart’ event includes a unique, birthday-themed story, a ‘Set Up Surprise’ feature where you can decorate the venue for Vyn’s surprise party, a wide range of event tasks to complete for a variety of rewards, and a limited-time gacha banner with an exclusive Vyn SSR card to celebrate his birthday.

Any Tears of Themis player can participate in ‘Secrets of My Heart’ – you just need to have completed Chapter 1-01 of Vyn’s personal story (the very first story part, which only costs 5AP and isn’t particularly long).

Tip: If you haven’t played Vyn’s personal story already, I recommend doing so as the event debates use the same ‘Vyn-only’ deck of cards, and it may be difficult to progress in the event if your Vyn cards aren’t particularly strong.

By completing the easier debates in the personal story, you’ll level up your cards without having to use any upgrade materials or Stellin. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the limited-time store sales to purchase the items and Stellin you need to boost your cards.

One thing that really makes Tears of Themis stand out is how creative they are with their events. Instead of having a standard, template event page, ‘Secrets of My Heart’ uses Rosa’s tablet to showcase the stages of the story, with buttons at the bottom of the tablet as the main menu for the event features.

There have only been three events in Tears of Themis so far, but each one has been completely different in its aesthetic, and even gameplay elements taken from the main game have some sort of unique twist to keep them interesting, while still maintaining familiar elements to prevent them from being too confusing or complicated.

As with the ‘Mysteries of the Lost Gold‘ event, I’m impressed by the level of complexity, even for a shorter event centred around one character. My only criticism is that I would have liked the story to be voiced, but for a birthday event (which typically tends to be smaller than other events), there is still plenty of content available, and the overall theme is impressively consistent, even down to the minigames, bonus rewards, and general aesthetic.

Story & Main Event

Vyn’s first birthday event, Secrets of My Heart, features an exclusive birthday-themed story. When you enter the event, you’ll automatically start the first story part, which introduces the premise, but you’ll need to complete tasks and minigames (‘field investigations’) in order to read subsequent parts.

This story doesn’t appear to be voiced (at least, the first two parts have no voicing), but the event information page on the official website says that the event includes a voice call after Vyn’s actual birthday date of 27th September, so there may be more voiced content later on.

Premise: Essentially, Rosa is looking through NXX files when she discovers Vyn’s birthday is coming up soon. She wants to throw a surprise party for him, but isn’t sure how to celebrate in a way that he’ll definitely enjoy.

In order to learn more about his interests and hobbies, Rosa offers to be his teaching assistant, agreeing to hand out student evaluations so she can slip in some of her own questions about Vyn to see if she can get inspiration for his birthday surprise.

The story seems wholesome and cute so far, but there was mention of Vyn not having positive memories regarding his birthday, so I’m curious to see how this is incorporated later in the story.

Once you complete the first story part, you’ll be taken to the main event page, which is styled to look like Rosa’s tablet. Here, you’ll see an event timeline, which shows the different stages of the story, what you need to do to unlock the next part, and three buttons at the bottom of the table that take you to different parts of the event.

In order to unlock the full birthday story, you’ll need to complete the event minigame, ‘Field Investigations’, which can be accessed by clicking the ‘Field Investigation’ button on the main event page (middle button at the bottom of the tablet).

Field Investigations

Clicking on the ‘Field Investigations’ button takes you to a simplified map of the university.

On this map, you’ll see a ‘student directory’ button in the top-left corner, several exclamation marks, a ‘fatigue’ meter, and a ‘tasks’ button in the bottom-right corner.

Clicking on the exclamation marks will prompt you to complete either an investigation of a person (basically, completing the student evaluation), or a debate.

Conducting these investigations is how you unlock story parts and complete event tasks for rewards, but doing so will also fill you ‘fatigue‘ meter, which limits the number of investigations you can complete on a daily basis.

If you run out of investigations, you’ll see a timer for when the next round will appear on the map. If you don’t want to wait, you can use ‘student directories‘ to immediately unlock more investigations.

You’ll also notice the ‘tasks‘ button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Selecting this takes you to the event task list, where you can check any tasks you have left to complete, and claim rewards for tasks you’ve already completed.

Note: When doing the debates, you’ll notice you can only use your ‘Vyn’ deck, that is, the special deck you use in his personal story that can only contain Vyn cards.

So far, the investigations don’t seem particularly difficult, but if you don’t have many Vyn cards or you haven’t levelled them up very much, you can purchase some event packs from the store that provide card upgrade items specifically for Vyn cards.

Store Packs & Sales

There is a huge variety of packs available in the store for this event, so it’s worth checking them out to see if there’s anything you want to pick up while you can. The range of items available includes energy drinks, card and skill upgrade items (Vyn-oriented), and Tears of Themis.

Note: the prices listed in the slideshow below are in AUD – prices may vary depending on your currency/location.

There is also an event gacha banner running alongside Vyn’s main birthday event, so the packs with Tears of Themis are useful for trying to get his new birthday SSR card, and the packs with card and skill upgrade items are useful if you do get his card.

Loving Harmony Gacha

The ‘Loving Harmony’ gacha banner has been released alongside the main event to further celebrate Vyn’s birthday.

There is still the usual ‘pity timer’ for SR cards (i.e. a guaranteed SR or above card within 10 pulls on the gacha), but the SSR timer is slightly different.

As there are only three SSR cards available in this banner, the odds of receiving an SSR card are increased, with Vyn’s birthday SSR rate increased to 1%, and the other two SSR cards at 0.3%

Furthermore, instead of having a guaranteed SSR card after 100 pulls, you’re guaranteed a copy of Vyn’s birthday SSR within 90 pulls.

The two non-birthday SSR cards are: ‘Near and Far’ (Vyn), and ‘Medieval Suspense’ (Vyn).

For more information about the cards available and their odds, you can click on ‘probability’ at the top-left corner.

The SSR pity timer will carry over to the next birthday-limited gacha banner, so don’t feel like you need to reach it this time. (FYI, Luke is next on December 5th, so he’ll be the next birthday banner)

Vyn’s Birthday-Exclusive card, ‘A Star in the Night’, is only available on this banner, and will not be available once the event ends, so, if you want it, you’ll have to roll for it now!

Tip: If you’re running low on Tears of Themis, remember that you can convert gems and S-Chips into Tears, and there are lots of event packs available in the store if you want a top-up. Alternatively, you can complete the event tasks, as some of them provide Tears as a reward.

Event Tasks & Rewards

To find the event tasks list and claim rewards, select the ‘Tasks’ button on the bottom-right corner of the ‘Field Investigations’ screen. Here, you’ll see a list of all the event tasks you currently have unlocked, with further tasks becoming available as you progress in the event and clear existing tasks.

Some tasks refresh daily, so be sure to check the deadlines, and others can only be completed once during the entire event. There are lots of different rewards, including an exclusive invitation, ‘Autumn Light’, and an event badge for your player profile.

These tasks are also where you acquire ‘Sincere Gifts’, which you’ll need to exchange for party decorations in the ‘Set Up Surprise‘ part of the event (located via the left button on the main event page).

Sincere Gifts & Party Decorations

Once you have accumulated some ‘Sincere Gifts’, you can exchange them for party decorations by clicking the ‘Set Up Surprise’ button on the main event page.

There are several different decorations available for different ‘Sincere Gift’ costs. To collect gifts, complete event tasks and field investigations.

Unlocking a decoration will make it appear in the scene, and further decoration options will become available.

This is a fairly simple minigame, but I’m enjoying seeing the party venue slowly become more decorated as I progress in the event.

It also ties in with the main event story, as Rosa comments on how far along the party preparations are – I’m excited to see what it looks like when it’s fully-unlocked!

Birthday Message & Voice Call

Log-in between 27th September and 3rd October to receive a birthday message, “Surprise Invitation”. 27th September is Vyn’s birthday and 3rd October is the day the event ends, so if you log in between his birthday and the end of the event, then you’ll receive his message.

If you complete the “Birthday Celebration” story (the final story part in the main event) by 27th September – 3rd October, then you’ll receive a special voice call. In other words, if you complete this story before 27th September you will receive the call on 27th September, but if you complete the story after 27th September and before 3rd October, you’ll receive the call upon story completion.

Final Thoughts

I’m pleasantly surprised at how many rewards and event features are available for this birthday event. It’s not quite as complex as ‘Mysteries of the Lost Gold’, but having too many large events in a row can cause players to feel burned out, so having a variety allows for better pacing and ongoing engagement.

So far, I’m enjoying the event story – the field investigations are simple enough to complete and the characters you investigate are entertaining enough that it doesn’t feel too repetitive or ‘grind-y’. Somehow, despite this being the first birthday event in the game, Tears of Themis has managed to achieve a comfortable balance of novelty and ease, with a generous supply of bonuses to even make the event worthwhile for players who aren’t particularly interested in Vyn himself.

The star of the show, however, has to be Vyn’s new SSR card, ‘A Star in the Night’. The art and general aesthetic of Tears of Themis grabbed me from the opening cinematic in the closed beta, but it continues to dazzle with what has to be one of the most stunning cards I have ever seen in a gacha game.

The lighting and colours are so pretty that I’m definitely going to try and get this card, even though I promised myself I’d wait and save up for Artem! I also like that the colour scheme kind of matches the SSR logo as well, adding to how luxurious it feels.

All in all, this is a fun event to celebrate the first Tears of Themis birthday, and I’m enjoying the cute story and extensive rewards. I’m also excited to see the other characters’ birthdays, because if ‘Secrets of My Heart’ is anything to go by, they’re sure to be worth the wait!

If you’re a Vyn fan, then don’t miss this event! Even if you’re not a Vyn fan, it’s worth logging in and clearing some of those event tasks just for the rewards.

Event Trailer

Game Info

Game Name:
Tears of Themis
Producer(s): miHoYo
Platform: Mobile
Available for download: here!
Age Rating: 3+ (Google Play) / 4+ (Apple Store)

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  • Will Vyn’s Birthday-Exclusive card, ‘A Star in the Night’, ever be available ever again? I started playing this year, so I missed this event ToT

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not sure, but I believe I saw someone on Twitter listing the cards that will get re-runs, and I’m pretty confident Vyn’s ‘A Star in the Night’ card was mentioned. Tears of Themis is still a relatively new game, so it hasn’t gotten to the re-run stage yet, but since it’s a popular card I’m sure there will be more opportunities to get it!


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