A Week of ‘Firsts’ | Current Events | Mobile Game Mondays #4

Welcome to ‘Current Events: Mobile Game Mondays’! Each Monday, we post an update on the currently available events for a selection of mobile otome games, including Tears of Themis and the Ikemen Series.

We let you know where to find the events, when they start and finish, what sort of rewards you can get, and how to play. If you have recommendations for titles you’d like included in Mobile Game Mondays, feel free to let us know!

A Week of ‘Firsts’: This week we have the first ever birthday event in Tears of Themis for the elegant and sophisticated Vyn Richter, as well as the first ever story event in Ikemen Prince titled, ‘Be My Lover, Be My Beast (Part 1)’, so there’s new experiences all around in the mobile otome game community.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of events seem to be ending on 30th September, so you may want to get your last stretch of event grinding in during the first half of the week, and look forward to a fresh wave of new events towards the end of the week!

New Events

Tears of Themis

Secrets of My Heart
Birthday Event: Story, Collection, Minigame
Finishes: 3rd October (04:00 AM JST)

The new event, ‘Secrets of My Heart’, celebrates Vyn’s first in-game birthday. Complete student evaluations and debates to collect ‘Sincere Gifts’ and decorate the party venue and hold a special surprise birthday party for two.

Event Features: Read an exclusive birthday event story with Vyn by clearing ‘Field Investigations’ and collecting the event resource ‘Sincere Gift’, which are then exchanged for party decorations in the ‘Set Up Surprise’ feature. All of these different gameplay elements are interconnected, including the event tasks which can be cleared for Vyn-oriented rewards, such as card and skill upgrade items for Vyn cards.

Event Rewards: Aside from the regular items and Tears of Themis, there is an exclusive Vyn R-Card, ‘Autumn Light’ invitation that replicates the fully-decorated party venue, and a Vyn’s 1st Birthday player profile badge. The story itself is also sweet and romantic, although it isn’t voiced and requires participation in the event minigames to read all the way through.

Bonus: If you complete the story before the end of the event, you will also receive a special voice call from Vyn. Even if you don’t participate in the event, any player who logs in between 27th September and 3rd October will receive a birthday celebration text message.

If you’d like more information about this event, we have a full event review, which is available here!

Loving Harmony
Gacha Event (Birthday)
Finishes: 3rd October (04:00 AM JST)

To further celebrate Vyn’s birthday, Tears of Themis have released an exclusive birthday gacha banner featuring a new Vyn SSR-Card, ‘A Star in the Night’.

Event Rewards: The odds and pity timer rates are slightly different in this banner, with a guaranteed birthday SSR within 90 rolls and only three SSRs available in the pool (all are Vyn SSR-Cards). For a full breakdown of the pull rates for different cards in this banner, you can check out the ‘Loving Harmony Gacha’ section of our Vyn’s Birthday Event Review post.

Ikémen Prince

Be My Lover, Be My Beast (Part 1)
Story Event
Finishes: 5th October (09:59 AM JST)

Ikemen Prince has released it’s first story event, ‘Be My Lover, Be My Beast (Part 1)’, with routes available for Leon Dompteur, Yves Kloss, Licht Klein, Jin Grandet, and Sariel Noir. The premise for the event stories is that Sariel has asked you to choose a prince to be your ‘pretend lover’ in order to dispel certain troublesome rumours…

Event Features: The stories, so far, seem largely unrelated to the main routes, so it’s a good chance to try out characters you’re interested in. While Leon and Yves’ routes are currently available, Licht, Jin, and Sariel’s routes are not yet released, so now’s your chance to experience a love story with them while we wait for their main routes!

Each route has two main chapters with a further chapter for each of the two endings: sweet and premium. You don’t need chapter tickets to read these event stories, but you will need to do special ‘event salons’ to raise your score and complete ‘love trials’ in order to unlock the full story.

Bonus: There are also epilogues available for purchase after completing an event route, as well as lots of avatar attire and other rewards!

Ongoing Events

Ikémen Vampire

Vlad’s Story Sale
Story Sale
Finishes: 30th September (10:00 AM JST)

With the introduction of Act 2, Ikemen Vampire has released a story sale for one of the three new characters, Vlad. If you’re curious about this mysterious vampiric antagonist, you can get to know him better in this story sale debut!

Event Features: There’s only one sale option available this time – for 1,900 diamonds you receive a voiced story with Vlad and four pieces of attire: a background (Moonlight of Mystery) and the Forever Young Rose set, including a dress, hat, and shoes, which are all a deep red colour and fashioned in a classic Victorian style.

Vlad’s Card Debut
Gacha Event (Special)
Finishes: 30th September (10:00 AM JST)

Coinciding with Vlad’s Story Sale debut, Ikemen Vampire has also released a Special Gacha event to celebrate his card debut. Vlad’s first 5-Star card has been added, along with his avatar attire and a matching teddy bear, which all have boosted rates for a limited time.

Event Features: 1 x 5-Star card – Betrothed For All Time (Vlad), 1 x 4-Star Attire (Vlad’s Clothes), and 1 x 3-Star Avatar (Teddy Bear in Vlad’s Colour).

Haunted Halloween
Gacha Event (Premium)
Finishes: 31st October (10:00 AM JST)

Ikemen Vampire has also released the Premium Gacha Event, ‘Haunted Halloween’! For the event, new 5-Star cards of all 12 love interests are available, and each card comes with unique Halloween-themed animations.

Event Features: 12 x 5-Star Cards (one for each love interest).

Summer Festival Date
Gacha Event (Premium)
Finishes: 4th October (11:00 AM JST)

If Vlad’s card debut and the Halloween gacha events weren’t enough, then here’s another Premium Gacha to sink your diamonds into! Summer Festival Date features 3 x exclusive 5-Star cards of the boys in yukata, each featuring exclusive voiced lines.

Event Features: 3 x 5-Star cards – You’re With Me (Napoleon), You Feel A Bit Hot (Mozart), I Can’t Let You Go (Leonardo).

Sebastian’s Birthday: Drowning in Desire
Story Sale (Birthday)
Finishes: 30th September

Event Features: There are a total of six sets available this year for Sebastian’s birthday; one mini and one deluxe set for Episodes I-III, each released as a birthday sale consecutively for the past three years.

Event Rewards: The mini sets include a birthday story, exclusive photo, and two items of attire. The deluxe sets feature the same photo, but the story is noted as being from his POV, rather than MC. There are also four items of attire in the deluxe sets, but the two items in the mini sets are not included in the deluxe set.

Ikémen Prince

To Wield My Sword
Gacha Event
Finishes: 30th September (9:59 AM JST)

Event Features: A limited-time, sword-themed, gacha banner with three event-exclusive cards. These cards won’t be available in the permanent card pool, so you’ll need to roll for them in this event for a chance to get them!

Event Rewards: There are three cards exclusively available in this event, but other cards from the permanent collection are still available in this gacha banner, so rolling doesn’t guarantee one of the event cards.

The 3-Star card is of Luke Randolph, the 4-Star card is of Licht Klein, and the 5-Star card is of Chevalier Michel. The higher the rarity, the lower your chance of getting the card, however the 4 and 5-Star cards come with voiced lines and more dramatic art.

Yves’ Birthday: Year 1
Story Sale (Birthday)
Finishes: 30th September (9:59 AM JST)

Event Features: Celebrate Yves by purchasing one of the available ‘Birthday Sets’ from the Ikemen Prince in-game store. As the game was only released recently, this is the first time players are able to celebrate Yves’ birthday!

Event Rewards: There are three sets available; Premium, Deluxe, and Mini. The Mini set contains the exclusive birthday story, photo, and 3-Star card, all titled ‘Let Me Love You’, as well as a ‘BDay Ribbon’ for your avatar.

The Deluxe set contains the same photo and card, but the story is from Yves’ POV, rather than MC’s. It also contains the same attire, as well as a ‘BDay Dress’.

The Premium set contains everything from the other two sets (including the story from both perspectives), plus the 5-Star ‘Bday Year 1 Yves’, which, judging from the preview, seems to be a chibi Yves with a cake for decorating your room.

Starry Night Avatar Gacha
Gacha Event
Finishes: 30th September

Event Features: For a limited time, roll on Ikemen Prince’s ‘Starry Night’ gacha to collect exclusive avatar attire.

Event Themes: The rewards are coloured in a mix of deep, dreamy blues and royal purples, scattered with golden stars, moons, and other whimsical elements.

Event Rewards: There are four 5-Star items, six 4-Star items, and eight 3-Star items available. The sample image seems to showcase half of the available rewards, with the other half being the same items but in purple, rather than blue.

Leon’s Birthday: Year 1
Story Sale (Birthday)
Finishes: 30th September

Event Features: The Ikemen Series games often release exclusive stories for sale to celebrate the boys’ birthdays. Currently, players can purchase Leon’s Birthday Story: Year 1, which is the first birthday story sale to take place in Ikemen Prince.

The game developers have noted that the story contains major spoilers for his route, so you may wish to save it until you’ve completed Leon’s main story!

Note: There are a few different packages available with a range of different bonuses, so it’s worth checking the options carefully before buying any of them.

Ikémen Sengoku

Boyfriend Gacha: Classical Collection
Gacha Event
Finishes: 29th September

Event Features: Collect new themes for ‘His Room’ and other rewards from classic events in the new Ikemen Sengoku gacha event, ‘Boyfriend Gacha: Classical Collection’!

Event Rewards: The rewards in this gacha all seem to have been taken from previous events, so it’s a good chance to try and get that prize you wanted!

Note: This ‘Boyfriend Gacha’ uses gacha orbs, which are only very occasionally given to players for free, so you’ll likely need to purchase them if you intend to try your luck in this event. There are discounted sets available, so make sure you check these out before spending anything, just in case there’s a better deal!

Masamune’s Birthday: Shape of Love
Story Sale (Birthday)
Finishes: 30th September

Event Features: Purchase a new Birthday story with Date Masamune, written from his point of view, in a special bundle including a voice clip, ‘His Room’ theme, letter, and castle avatar items!

Stories purchased during story sales are permanently saved to your collection, so you can still read them after the event ends.

Note: You can also purchase Masamune’s birthday sets from previous years, all the way back to his birthday story from 2017!

Ikémen Revolution

Suited Pair Match VI
Gacha Event
Finishes: 30th September (6 PM PST)

Event Features: Collect cards featuring not one but two ikemen in the Suited Pair gacha series. Three new cards (with new pairings!) have been introduced, and previous Suited Pair cards have been brought back for a limited time.

Event Themes: Other than the fact that two characters are featured in the art, there isn’t any particular theme linking the cards together. Some are battle scenes, other cute moments in day-to-day life, and other steamier cards feature the Ikemen Revolution cast in the bath.

Event Rewards: The three new cards feature Edgar and Luka, Sirius and Ray, and Jonah and Lancelot. There are eleven 5-Star cards returning, and six 4-Star cards available as well. There are also multi-pick bonuses at 10, 20, and 30 pulls, with no duplicates, meaning that by 30 pulls you will have received all three of the multi-pick bonuses (saved stories that relate to each of the three new cards).

Most events last for at least 7 days, so some of them will be featured in multiple Mobile Game Mondays posts. Below is a list of all the events that are still ongoing since our last post. If we’ve published an event review and linked it in one of the entries below, the name of the event will be underlined, so you can click it for more information!

Celebrate With Blanc
Gacha Event
Finishes: 28th September (06:00 PM PST)

Celebrate Cradle’s White Rabbit with temporarily boosted rates for Blanc’s cards, including special Birthday-themed cards! There are also multi-pick bonuses, which are rewards player’s receive for playing the gacha a certain number of times. You have a 50-50 chance of receiving one of the two rewards at 10 rolls, and you’ll receive the other reward at 20 pulls.

Event Features: Temporary rate-up for 2 x Blanc’s 4-Star cards in the ongoing collection, plus 4 x 5-Star Birthday cards (Blanc), and 2 x Multi-pick bonuses – the avatar item ‘Snowglobe Blanc Chibi’, and Blanc’s Birthday-themed bonus story, ‘The Best Present’.

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