Spooky Season in Full Swing | Current Events | Mobile Game Mondays #7

Welcome to ‘Current Events: Mobile Game Mondays’! Each Monday, we post an update on the currently available events for a selection of mobile otome games, including Tears of Themis and CYBIRD’s Ikemen Series.

We let you know where to find the events, when they start and finish, what rewards they offer, and how to play them.

Spooky Season in Full Swing: October is the month of Halloween and mobile otome games are getting festive with an assortment of spooky-themed events. Ikemen Vampire continues to be the most prolific source of seasonal content, with a new story event, ‘An Aberrant Incident’, where thirsty vampires who drink a faulty ‘rouge’ substitute lose all reason in their intense craving for your blood…

Ikemen Prince is also stepping up their Halloween game with a new gacha event, Spooky Halloween Night, which features three new cards, including a particularly dark and dramatic 5-Star card of Sariel dressed as the grim reaper.

Last week’s post: Ikemen Vampire: Queen of Halloween | Current Events | Mobile Game Mondays #6

On the non-spooky side of things, Ikemen Revolution has announced that the promises from the 2021 Cradle Awards event will start to be released over the course of a period ending in January 2022 – keep an eye on your mailboxes for the rewards!

Ikemen Sengoku has released a story event, ‘Behind His Passionate Sword’, which features routes for three of the warlords: Uesugi Kenshin, Oda Nobunaga, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Find out the story behind their beloved weapons, and maybe even win some exclusive ‘His Room’ themes in the process…

Tears of Themis

Game Update

Tears of Themis has released a gargantuan game update with a wide array of new features, including UI adjustments, interactive visit invitations, fieldwork, lounge decoration, and more!

The update was released on October 13th, and with so many new things to explore, we thought we’d write a quick and dirty guide to the most important changes…

Read the full post: here!

New Home Day

Complete event tasks and collect the new ‘Wooden’ furniture set for the recently released NXX lounge feature

Event Type(s): Tasks, Collection
Event Ends: 26th October

In concurrence with the new game update, and the addition of the NXX Lounge feature, Tears of Themis has released the ‘New Home Day’ event – complete ‘Home Improvement’ study levels to collect ‘Exquisite Lumber’ and craft pieces of furniture from the ‘Wooden Style’ set.

Once the event is over, you will be able to purchase the furniture blueprints from the Lounge Store, but if you want them for free, you can win them as rewards by clearing the limited-time event tasks instead.

These tasks also provide the resources you need to craft the furniture after you collect the blueprint, so it’s a great way to get a head start on the set if you want to decorate your new lounge!

Ikémen Prince

Spooky Halloween Night

Ikemen Prince steps up their Halloween game with a new limited-time gacha event

Event Type(s): Gacha
Event Ends: 1st November (09:59 AM JST)

Sariel fans are being spoiled with the new Ikemen Prince gacha event, Spooky Halloween. There are three new cards available for a limited-time, and they won’t be added to the standard gacha after the event ends, so be sure to roll for any cards you want now while the event lasts!

Event cards:

  • Until Your Soul is Mine (5-Star) – Sariel Noir
  • Some Pleasant Conversation? (4-Star) – Clavis Lelouch
  • If You Don’t Have Candy (3-Star) – Leon Dompteur

Halloween Party

Get Spooky with new avatar attire in the Halloween Party gacha event

Event Type(s): Gacha
Event Ends: 1st November (09:59 AM JST)

Ikemen Prince has released a new avatar gacha event called ‘Halloween Party’, where players can acquire some seasonal attire, including a witch-themed outfit for MC, Halloween decorations, and a vampiric outfit for him.

Ongoing Events

  • Be My Lover, Be My Beast: Part 2 – Story Event (ends 22nd October)
  • Licht & Nokto Birthday Diamond Set Sale – Store Sale Event (ends 23rd October)
  • Licht & Nokto Spotlight Gacha – Gacha Event (ends 1st November)
  • Nokto’s Birthday: Year 1 – Emptiness Inside Me – Story Sale Event (ends 1st November)
  • Licht’s Birthday: Year 1 – Hard to Let You Go – Story Sale Event (ends 1st November)
  • Halloween Sale 2021 – Store Sale Event (ends 1st November)

Ikémen Vampire

An Aberrant Incident (Story Event)

Not to be confused with the gacha event of the same name

Event Type(s): Story
Event Ends: 23rd October (10:00 AM JST)

Ikemen Vampire has released a new story event, Aberrant Incident, which features routes for Arthur, Vincent, and the original aberrant, Isaac Newton. A new rouge substitute causes strange side effects – a dangerous, intense thirst for blood.

Love is in the Cards

A new store sale event has started – purchase exclusive sets for each love interest with brand new poker-themed cards

Event Type(s): Store Sale
Event Ends: 19th November (10:00 AM JST)

Get event-exclusive poker-themed cards of the Ikemen Vampire cast in the new store sale event, Love is in the Cards. Each set comes with a 4-Star card of the selected character, as well as a cute chibi for your avatar decoration. You can buy each set individually (one per character), or all-in-one for a discount.

Ongoing Events

  • Saint-Germain’s Birthday – Story Sale Event (ends 27th October)
  • Saint-Germain’s Birthday – Gacha Event (ends 29th October)
  • Succubus Syndrome – Gacha Event (ends 31st October)
  • Haunted Halloween – Gacha Event (ends 31st October)
  • Sweet & Spooky – Store Sale Event (ends 31st October)
  • An Aberrant Incident – Gacha Event (ends 1st November)
  • Halloween – Gacha Event (ends 4th November)
  • With This Ring – Story Sale Event (ends 5th November)

Ikémen Sengoku

Behind His Passionate Sword

Ikemen Sengoku has released the story event ‘Behind His Passionate Sword’

Event Type(s): Story
Event Ends: 21st October (06:00 PM PST)

Uncover the story behind the warlord’s beloved weapons in the new Ikemen Sengoku story event, ‘Behind His Passionate Sword’. There are three routes available: Uesugi Kenshin, Oda Nobunaga, and Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

There are plenty of other bonuses available for clearing endings and ‘early clear’ rewards for finishing stories within a time limit, including exclusive ‘His Room’ themes, so be sure to check the full bonus list in-game!

Ongoing Events

Ikémen Revolution

Cradle Awards 2021 – Promises

The reward promises from the 2021 Cradle Awards are coming!

Event Type(s): Log-in
Event Ends: 20th January, 2022

As promised, Ikemen Revolution is delivering bonuses and rewards for the victors of the 2021 Cradle Awards event. The rewards will be gradually released over several months, with the last of the bonuses arriving on 20th January, 2022.

All you need to do for this event is log-in regularly during this time period and claim the rewards as they appear in your mailbox.

Ongoing Events

  • Touching Your XXX – Collection Event (ends 21st October)
  • Sweet Kiss – Gacha Event (ends 21st October)
  • Zero’s Birthday: Story IV – Story Sale Event (ends 30th October)
  • Spooky Night – Story Sale Event (ends 3rd November)

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