Player Birthday Event Review | Obey Me & Ikémen Series

Many mobile otome games offer special celebrations on your birthday, including log-in gifts and messages from your favourite characters. As my birthday recently passed, I thought I’d take a quick look at the player birthday events across a few of the games I’m currently playing. This review isn’t meant to be too serious, it’s just a bit of fun to celebrate my birthday, and to let you know what to expect on yours!

Games featured in this review:
Obey Me! (NTT Solmare, Shall We Date?)
Ikémen Vampire (CYBIRD)
Ikémen Revolution (CYBIRD)

Note: This review contains partial spoilers for player birthday events.


While I didn’t notice any log-in gifts in the Ikémen series games, Obey Me definitely delivered the goods. After watching the cute ‘HBD Movie’, I was taken to a screen that listed all of the bonuses I could get on my birthday. This includes reduced costs for unlocking spaces in the ‘Devil Tree’ (in other words, upgrading cards), a guaranteed UR card in a special gacha, birthday messages from the boys in ‘Surprise Guest’ mode, and several gifts in my mailbox.

It doesn’t show in the screenshot I took, but I also got some Devil Points, and considering how I’m always running low on Grimm, it was nice to get 30,000 for my birthday! Seeing so many presents in my mailbox was a nice surprise, and the game was pretty generous, so Obey Me gets a solid 5/5 for gifts.


Obey Me also offered a special birthday gacha with a guaranteed UR card for a one-off 10x pull. It’s worth noting that the 10x pull itself isn’t free, so you will still need enough vouchers or devil points beforehand. Unfortunately, the UR card I got was another copy of one I already own, but that’s because I’ve rolled a lot on the Obey Me gacha, so I already own most of the cards from the permanent gacha.


Most of the games I looked at provided some sort of happy birthday message, whether they were text-only or fully-voiced. This is probably my favourite part of player birthday events, as you get to hear some incredibly cute and wholesome lines from all the romanceable characters, including those voiced by really good voice actors. I also liked that none of these messages felt too generic, incorporating the personality of the character to make each one feel unique and special.

Obey Me

☆ Surprise Guest interactions
☆ Fully-voiced phone calls

Obey Me had birthday-themed responses in the ‘Surprise Guest’ mode, as well as fully-voiced phone calls that you receive periodically throughout the day. You don’t need to be playing the game when these phone calls come through, as they’ll just go to your missed call list where you can listen to them later. I also liked that these were different from the calls I received last year, so players who are celebrating their second birthday since they started the game won’t just get a repeat of the previous birthday.

Note: Screenshots contain partial spoilers (1 line of dialogue) for the ‘Birthday 2’ phone calls from Asmodeus, Mammon, and Beelzebub, as well as 1 line of dialogue from the Surprise Guest interactions with Asmodeus.

Ikémen Series

☆ Home page messages for each character
☆ Different messages depending on the rarity of the card

Ikémen Vampire and Revolution had birthday messages appear on the home page, which were different depending on the card set to be displayed there. Cards with a 4 or 5 star rarity had voiced messages, while 3 star cards were just text with no voicing. For Ikémen Vampire, it seemed like the message you received just depended on the character and rarity – in other words, all of Leonardo’s five star cards had the same message, but his four star cards had a different one – but I also didn’t go through and check every single card, so some may be different, even if they’re the same character and rarity.

Ikémen Revolution was similar to Ikémen Vampire in that the message you received depended on the character and rarity of the card. However, some cards of the same rarity appeared to have different messages, so it’s worth switching up your home page a bit to see which ones you receive. I didn’t go through all of the cards I have, and one didn’t appear to have any birthday message at all, so I recommend trying out a few options and cycling through the messages to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Note: Screenshots contain spoilers for birthday messages from Dalim/Dum, Loki Genetta, Fenrir Godspeed, Jonah Clemence, Leonardo Da Vinci, Isaac Newton, and William Shakespeare.

Final Thoughts

One of the things I enjoy most about mobile otome games is the seasonal content. Having limited-time events and ongoing updates allows players to experience more of their favourite love interests. Being able to log in to these games on my birthday and hear birthday wishes from the characters I love adds a personal touch to games that are designed to feel immersive.

I was surprised at the lack of birthday content from Ikémen Sengoku. I was going to include it in this review too, but I actually didn’t notice any special gifts or other events. I did like the birthday messages on the other Ikémen games, but switching the cards on the home page and cycling through the messages to find the specific lines was a little time consuming. At least on Ikémen Vampire you can set three cards as your home page rather than just one, so it was easier to hear all the different messages. Leonardo’s 4 star card was my favourite, as it sounded like Tsuda Kenjiro – Leonardo’s voice actor – got closer to the mic for the last part, making it feel like he was actually whispering in my ear (headphones recommended).

When it comes to birthday specials, however, Obey Me takes the top spot. With a generous amount of gifts, a special birthday gacha, and lots of voiced messages, I felt very spoiled by the demon brothers. I liked that the content was different from the first birthday event I had with the game, and that the phone calls were actually pretty long. The calls also happened at different times, and the things they said reflected this, with calls at midnight telling me to get a good night’s sleep and calls later in the afternoon talking about the day’s events. They also referenced the fact that it was my second birthday with them, adding to the personalised feel.

All in all, player birthday events are a fun, feel-good bonus to an otome game that adds to the immersive experience. Obey Me definitely spoils you, and I’m sure other games have special events, so I recommend checking out your favourites to see how they celebrate your birthday.

Game Info

For more info on the games mentioned in this article, see below:

Game Name:
Obey Me! One master to rule them all!
Producer(s): NTT Solmare, Shall We Date?
Platform: Mobile
Available for download: here!
Age Rating: PG / 12+

Game Name:
Ikémen Vampire: Temptation in the Dark
CYBIRD / Ikémen Series
Available to download: here!
Age Rating: 17+ / Mature

Game Name:
Ikémen Revolution: Love & Magic in Wonderland
Producer: CYBIRD / Ikémen Series
Platform: Mobile
Available to download: here!
Age Rating: 17+ / Mature

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