Obey Me | Game Review

Game Name:
Obey Me! One master to rule them all!
Producer(s): NTT Solmare, Shall We Date?
Platform: Mobile
Available for download: here!
Age Rating: PG / 12+

Notable Features
Huge amount of content, genderless MC, gold-standard UI.

Could Be Improved
Time-consuming: due to the ‘battle progression’ gameplay style, advancing in the main story does require some grinding.


You wake up to find yourself in a grand hall, confronted by imposing, yet attractive men who introduce themselves as demons. It turns out that creepy contract you signed in blood was real, and now you’re on a student exchange trip to hell… literally.

“We welcome you, human, to the demon student council.”

– Obey Me! Website

It’s difficult to pin Obey Me down to one or two particular themes, as one of this game’s most appealing aspects is the huge number of event stories. These bonus side-stories contain a range of premises, from classics like Christmas and Halloween, to alternate realities involving vampires or circus troupes.

The developers also introduced a feature called ‘Lonely Devil’, which allows you to unlock and play past events at your own pace. It’s thanks to this huge range of available content that, no matter your tastes, Obey Me will have a story that appeals to you.


Funny, sweet, and dramatic; Obey Me follows the adventures of your main character as you settle into your new life in Hell. The story opens with your fresh enrolment at the Royal Academy of Diavolo (RAD) where you meet a cocky tsundere, Mammon, who reluctantly agrees to be your guide.

This is at the behest of the sadistic, self-appointed head of your new household, Lucifer, another of the demons you’ll be living with during your stay. So far, the story sounds very familiar, however, Obey Me soon reveals itself to be much deeper than it first appears.

As you progress through the main story, the tried-and-tested character tropes reveal hidden sides to their personalities, adding unique twists to familiar archetypes.

Just as you start to think maybe you’re sick of every otome game taking place in a high school (why would immortal demons go to high school anyway?) the story shifts in a completely different direction as you unravel the mystery around the demon brothers and their family drama. 

Screenshot taken from an event story – unnamed to avoid spoilers

While I love the main story, it can be difficult to progress due to Obey Me’s gameplay style. However, this is where having an abundance of events comes in handy, as they provide plenty of extra content while you work to reach the next stage of the main story.

Unfortunately, the concept for the event stories is often better than the delivery. Each event seems to follow a similar formula: introduce the theme, have a very short scene with each character, resolve the plot, end of story. Each scene with your potential love interest seems to cut off right as it gets going, making it feel more like a fanfic prompt than a fully fledged story in its own right.

I love the characters, the main story, and the concepts of the events. I just wish they were more in-depth, and that the minigame-story ratio was tipped a little more towards the story side.

That being said, Obey Me is a relatively new game. Updates are frequently added and it seems that the game developers are open to audience feedback, so I’m hopeful the game will only continue to improve over time.


From Lucifer the torture connoisseur, to the absolute cinnamon roll that is Beelzebub, Obey Me features characters of all tropes and persuasions. There are no individual routes in this game, meaning you can, if you want, have an entire harem of demons. Yes, you read that correctly. A harem of demons, all vying for your attention.

If, however, you prefer to only romance one character at a time, Obey Me presents you with dialogue options throughout the story that allow you to accept or reject any romantic advances. This allows you to make your harem as big or small as you want.

While I love having the option to pursue all the characters at once, not having routes often means you don’t get to fully experience a romance with any one love interest. There are plenty of opportunities for romantic interaction, but you’re frequently interrupted by the other characters. That being said, I did change my mind about who my favourites were as I got further into the plot, so not having to lock-in at the beginning did work well in this case.

Screenshot taken from an event story – unnamed to avoid spoilers

Another aspect I really enjoy about the game is the diverse and interesting selection of love interests, covering every trope and archetype you could ask for. There are definitely personality traits that tend to get highlighted often, which felt a little repetitive early in the game, but, as the story progressed, the characters grew and developed, stepping out of their ‘trope’ boxes.

On the other hand, it can be comforting for characters to feel familiar and have running jokes; I like that the cast of Obey Me are consistent in their personalities, even with such a large number of stories and themes.


Character Reviews:

Gameplay & UI

Obey Me uses a style of gameplay I call ‘battle progression’, which typically allows a player to read the entire main storyline for free. However, while it doesn’t cost money, it does cost time. Instead of using tickets to view a chapter, Obey Me has minigames called ‘Dance Battles’ between chapter sections that must be passed in order to proceed.

While this means you don’t have to wait for your daily free tickets, it does mean that occasionally you get stuck levelling up before you can read the next chapter. The battles themselves don’t require much strategy, but they are time consuming, especially if you want to read a large amount of the story at once.

Personally, I find this type of gameplay frustrating as I can get stuck on a level for weeks at a time. However, battle progression is often much kinder to your wallet, so it suits players with a lot of time but not a lot of money. It comes down to personal preference, but Obey Me does have a lot of dance battles compared to story parts.

User Interface

Obey Me may just have the best user interface of any otome game I’ve ever played. It’s modern, polished, and incredibly easy to navigate. It’s also highly customisable, with the option to choose a character for your homepage, as well as their outfit, background music, and more. Even the app notifications you receive have voiced messages from your chosen character, rather than a generic tone or beep.

A lot of mobile games tend to be flashy and overly-stimulating, with convoluted menus. Obey Me, on the other hand, has a very sleek, minimalist aesthetic that is designed to look like your phone’s home screen. It even comes complete with call, text, and app buttons. By using a more streamlined style, Obey Me makes it easy to find all of the game’s features, and avoids overwhelming new players.

Other Non-Story Features

Aside from the main and bonus stories, Obey Me has several other in-game ‘apps’. One of these is ‘Nightmare’, a.k.a. Obey Me’s gacha feature. If you’re not familiar with gacha, it’s essentially a ‘lucky dip’. You spend a ticket (in this case, a demon voucher) to randomly receive one card from the draw.

Different cards have different odds, with rarer cards featuring better art, more unlockable content, and usually being more powerful than more common cards. There are three permanent Nightmare modes in Obey Me, and limited-time gacha events happen often, each offering cards unique to that event.

Results from a 10 x pull on a Halloween-themed gacha event

While I love a good gacha game, the demon vouchers in Obey Me are quite expensive to purchase. My recommendation is to accumulate them through events, log-in bonuses, and discount sets, rather than buying them outright.

Nightmare and other gacha games are designed for it to be impossible to get every card, which can be disappointing if there’s something you really want. Obey Me does offer a guaranteed card if you pull 100 times, so it’s definitely worth saving until you have enough vouchers for 100 pulls, especially if luck-based games aren’t your thing.

Final Thoughts

Obey Me has a huge wealth of diverse content and continues to grow and change everyday. As a relatively new game, it’s regularly updated and new features have been added since launch. The frequent improvements and constant release of new content shows just how much time and love is being invested into Obey Me.

If you are a low-budget otome game player, Obey Me has plenty of free content for you to enjoy. The dance battle gameplay can be time-consuming, but collecting and upgrading cards is enjoyable in its own way. Plus, it forces you to pace yourself if you’re the type to burn through an entire story in one sitting.

The characters are loveable and diverse, so no matter your type, you’re bound to find someone that appeals to you. My only complaint is that the story places fairly low on the spicy scale, with only a few smatterings of sexy content, most of which gets interrupted or fades to black before the real action begins. I don’t hate sweeter romance stories, but if the premise is about demons and sin, it makes sense that players would expect a more, well, sinful experience.

I have spent many, many hours playing Obey Me and, on the whole, I enjoy this game. I love Asmodeus and ‘The Attic Sandwich’ and the events keep the game fresh and interesting even when I’m stuck in the main story. I just wish the stories were deeper, with extended scenes to really explore the interesting concepts they present. The battle progression gameplay is not my cup of tea, but for compelling characters and plot, I am willing to make the effort.

Game Info

Game Name:
Obey Me! One master to rule them all!
Producer(s): NTT Solmare, Shall We Date?
Platform: Mobile
Available for download: here!
Age Rating: PG / 12+

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