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Is there such a thing as a zodiac archetype? Whether or not you believe the position of celestial bodies at the time of your birth affects your personality is one thing, but when characters are designed for fictional settings, do authors take their zodiac sign into consideration? In this special zodiac review series, I’ll be taking a look at otome game love interests and their star signs (or, sun signs) to see if there are any common tropes and themes that could, potentially, indicate the existence of zodiac archetypes.

As this series was inspired by a string of Gemini birthdays for characters I personally love, it seemed a fitting place to start. While some of the characters discussed in this review are based on real people – and therefore have real birthdays – their personalities are fictionalised, so they can be adjusted to fit certain stereotypes associated with Geminis. Before I get into some of the common traits I’ve noticed across otome love interests born between May 20 and June 21, let’s take a look at some examples…

Gemini Love Interests

Arthur Conan Doyle
22nd May

Tropes: Playboy/Flirt, Trickster, Megane

Arthur Conan Doyle is the resident flirt of CYBIRD’s Ikémen Vampire. He’s witty, perceptive, and has an uncanny knack for games, but behind the mischievous glint in his eyes, you sense a deep-seated sadness that hints at a darker past.

6th June

Tropes: Yandere, Ouji-sama, Kuudere

Powerful, dominant, sadistic; Lucifer is not a love interest for the weak of heart. Avatar of Pride and Lord Diavolo’s right-hand man, Obey Me’s Lucifer is a commanding, charismatic, and, well, proud demon lord. He won’t let you into his heart easily, but when he does, you’ll discover his love isn’t the kind you can ever turn back from.

Seth Hyde
10th June

Tropes: Flirt, Onee-san (?), Trickster

Seth Hyde welcomes you to Cradle with a sing-song voice and a warm smile. He’s bubbly, friendly, and you’re told there’s no one in the Black Army with a better understanding of women. However, you soon sense there’s a darker side to Ikémen Revolution’s ‘wiley fox’ – a dangerously alluring wolf behind the innocent, ‘big-sister’ façade.

*Spoiler warning for Mystic Messenger!*

707 & Ray
11th June

707 Tropes: Genki, Megane, Tsundere, Trickster, Dandere

Ray Tropes: Evil Alter-Ego, Yandere, Dandere, Ouji-sama

707 is a mysterious hacker with a passion for cats and a penchant for mischief. However, once you start to get close to this seemingly carefree joker, you discover a whole new side to Agent 707, one he usually obscures with his bizarre sense of humour.

Ray initially comes across as a slightly gloomy but otherwise sweet and kind guy. However, you very quickly discover this ‘flower prince’ has a much, much darker side that has the potential to turn away even the most masochistic of yandere fans.

Rod Benedikt Widdensov
18th June

Tropes: Tsundere, Shota, Ouji-sama

So far, all of the Geminis listed in this article have been duplicitous, mischievous, and/or hold a deep-seated darkness that they hide through many layers of masks and silver-tongued manipulation.

Cinderella Phenomenon’s Rod, however, is none of these things. He’s a sweet, shy prince who’s willing to go to great lengths to protect the people important to him.

Dazai Osamu
19th June

Tropes: Trickster, (???)

Dazai’s route is yet to be released to the English server for Ikémen Vampire. But, based on the glimpses we’ve seen so far in events and other routes, it’s already suggested that his aloof, ‘air-headed’ nature is more likely a disguise by which Dazai Osamu hides a tragic past and perhaps a more perceptive, manipulative nature.

Dean & Dum Tweedle
20th June

Dean Tropes: Teacher/Sensei, Kuudere, Yandere (???)

Dum Tropes: Flirt/Playboy, Trickster (???)

As with Dazai, the Tweedles’ routes are not yet available in Ikémen Revolution, but we have already had the opportunity to get to know the characters through events and interactions in other routes. Based on these snippets, we can tell that Dum (or Dalim) leads a double-life, presenting a different name and personality depending on the situation, one of which seems particularly dangerous.

I also get the feeling that Dean might not be all that he appears, as he’s presented as a perfect, princely professor, but some lines in the game so far have hinted that he might just have a little bit of a sadistic streak.

Gemini Archetype

While there may not be a clear ‘Gemini Archetype’, it is interesting to see some of the similarities shared by Gemini love interests in otome games. Twins are an obvious choice, as twins are the symbol of this zodiac sign, and characters who are duplicitous, mischievous or fall into the kitsune and trickster archetypes suit the stereotypes associated with this sign.

What I found particularly interesting was how characters based on historical figures also fit these themes, despite their birthdays being the same date as the real person. I’m curious to know if the writers took their zodiac into account when adapting the character design, or if it’s just coincidence.

In short, while there are probably too many exceptions to justify the existence of a ‘Gemini Archetype’, a significant number of otome love interests born between May 20 and June 21 seem to have some sort of dark, hidden personality behind a mask of their own design, whether it’s a flirty playboy, carefree prankster, or flaky airhead. They’re often perceptive, and maybe even manipulative, all while harbouring a deep-seated disdain for themselves that they’re hesitant to reveal to anyone.

Gemini love interests may be difficult to pin down and truly get to know, but, you’ll often find that the secrets they hide aren’t as awful as they believe, and the sweet, vulnerable side they desperately protect is worth the effort it takes to find.


Arthur from Ikémen Vampire is one of my all-time favourite love interests, and I loved Seth’s route in Ikémen Revolution, largely due to its generous increase in spicy content compared to other routes in the game. Unfortunately, Dazai and the Tweedles aren’t yet available but I’m excited to explore their characters more in the future.

The Mystic Messenger twins were my favourites in that game, too, but it takes a lot of time and effort to unlock the ‘deep’ and ‘another’ story modes. Ray’s route is particularly twisted, so I’d only recommend it for players who are prepared for (or maybe even interested in) a route filled with highly dark, disturbing, and traumatic themes.

If you only choose one Gemini from this list, consider Arthur from Ikémen Vampire. He’s perceptive, cheeky, and his spicy scenes are some of the best I’ve come across. Even if he initially doesn’t capture your interest, I’d still suggest giving his route a chance, as Arthur is a multi-layered character with all kinds of charms, and you may find you like him more than you expected.

You’ll like Gemini love interests if you like: tricksters, yanderes, twins, hyper-perceptive charmers, seductive flirts, (hidden) dark sides, secrets, and a little bit of danger.

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