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Powerful, dominant, sadistic; Lucifer is not a love interest for the weak of heart. The Avatar of Pride and first-born of the demon brothers, Lucifer initially sees MC as beneath him, only deigning them with his presence out of a sense of duty to Lord Diavolo. But, through persistent efforts and a fair amount of trouble-making, MC eventually succeeds in gaining his attention, although they may have been better off keeping their distance…

“That’s too bad. Now behave yourself.”

– Lucifer


Story Rating N/A as there are no individual routes in Obey Me


Similar to: Oda Nobunaga (Ikémen Sengoku), Jumin Han (Mystic Messenger), Lancelot Kingsley (Ikémen Revolution)

Lucifer is the type of man you find yourself attracted to even though you know you really shouldn’t. He’s domineering, emotionally distant, and quite literally a sadist. He often gleefully tortures his younger brother, Mammon, and his bedroom contains some ‘interesting’ décor. Despite this, you still find yourself inexplicably trying to earn his approval. Otome game players who like to indulge in a power fantasy where a capable love interest handles all your problems and makes all the decisions for you will find exactly what you’re looking for in Lucifer.

The Avatar of Pride, Lucifer, is presented as being perfect in every way imaginable. It’s mentioned that he was considered to be the most beautiful of all the angels in heaven, and even now, as a demon, he still has a supernatural charisma so powerful that makes even those who hate him begrudgingly admit he’s attractive. The fact that he’s held in such high esteem by those around him doesn’t burden Lucifer, instead he seems to find it only natural due to his intense sense of pride.

Yandere / Ouji-sama (Prince) / Kuudere

Lucifer is initially aloof and acts coldly towards MC. He accepts them out of his deep loyalty to Lord Diavolo, but there is no warmth in his hospitality. As the most powerful of the brothers, Lucifer is considered to be the ‘First-Born’, making him the head of the household. He’s beautiful, regal, formidable, and has a commanding presence that even his most adversarial brothers feel compelled to obey. However, once MC pushes past Lucifer’s walls and gains his attention, it becomes clear that, despite him coming across as distant, even hostile, and completely out of reach, Lucifer’s love isn’t the kind you can ever turn back from…

“The perfectly flawless but malicious sadist. The mighty first-born.”

Official Obey Me website (about Lucifer)


Obey Me doesn’t have individual routes for romancing different characters. Instead, you have various opportunities throughout the main story to either accept or refuse all of the love interests, meaning you can romance as many as you like, at the same time.

If you do decide to pursue Lucifer, you’ll find your romance with him turbulent and very much a slow-burn. But, the pay-off is worth the wait, and the side-stories with Lucifer are often spicier than the other characters. These side-stories are available through the ‘Devilgram’ feature and are unlocked when you receive cards in the game’s gacha, called ‘Nightmare’. The Devilgram stories allow for more private time with the demon (or angel, or warlock…) of your choice.

When you receive these cards in the gacha, you’re able to click on them here and unlock exclusive stories

That being said, Obey Me never gets too explicit in its sexy content. There is a lot of suggestion, maybe a kiss or two, but then tends to fade to black. However, from my experience playing the game, Lucifer’s content seems to get the spiciest, often involving interactions with MC where he acts very dominant, even in non-explicit situations. This happens not only in the stories, but also the phone calls and text messages you receive from him. These are sent to you through the game app, not to your actual phone number, and allow you to choose your response at various points during the conversation. The phone calls are also fully voiced (in Japanese) with subtitles (in your chosen language).

Final Thoughts

Lucifer is a guilty pleasure of a love interest. He’s proud, condescending, domineering, and very openly sadistic, yet he has a certain allure that’s inescapable. Plus, there’s something about seeing him blush that feels particularly special, as you know he doesn’t show this vulnerable side to anyone else. While the intense possessiveness of yanderes can be a turn-off for some, it can be appealing in the safe fantasy of fiction.

You’ll like Lucifer if: you enjoy being scolded, you’re a masochist, you’re a sucker for a deep voice, and/or you want to be the one to finally win over someone known for being perfect and unattainable.

Voice Actor

Kazuya Yamashita (山下和也)

Kazuya Yamashita is the voice actor for Lucifer. His Twitter page can be found here.

Game Info

Game Name:
Obey Me! One master to rule them all!
Producer(s): NTT Solmare, Shall We Date?
Platform: Mobile
Available for download: here!
Age Rating: PG / 12+

Bonus Content

Lyrics: Rui Fujishiro
Composer: Maeshima Soshi


Arcadia is the name of Lucifer’s character song, with lyrics written by Rui Fujishiro and music composed by Maeshima Soshi. For translated lyrics, see the Fandom Wiki page. Arcadia is a Greek word with similar poetic associations as Eden, a.k.a the paradise in which Lucifer tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Eve, Eden, and the stories we associate with these characters aren’t mentioned in Obey Me (at least, not yet), but the lyrics of this song essentially make it a yandere anthem.

In this song, Lucifer asks the listener to spend eternity with him in a dream world (hence, yandere anthem). If you want Lucifer to seduce you with his dulcet tones into an exclusive paradise for two, then you can listen to Arcadia now on Spotify. It also comes with the audio drama track, ‘Save Me, Lucifer’, which features not only Lucifer, but also Mammon, Leviathan, and Satan. This track is in Japanese, but a translation of the dialogue can be found here.

Lyrics: Rui Fujishiro
Composers: Rui Fujishiro & New K.


In June 2021 a new song featuring Lucifer and Satan was released, composed by Rui Fujishiro and New K, with lyrics also by Rui Fujishiro. For translated lyrics, see the Fandom Wiki page.

Passion is an apt name for this song, as it’s essentially Lucifer and Satan in a heated argument with each other, while also trying to win over MC. It’s difficult to tell when they’re talking to each other or the listener, and many of the lines can be interpreted either way. Whether you want them to be seducing you or passionately singing to each other, you can listen to the song on Spotify.

It also comes with the audio drama track, ‘Show Your True Self’, which features the two demon brothers arguing over recording a message for MC, who has returned to the human world. This track is in Japanese, but a translation of the dialogue can be found here.

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