Obey Me! | Lesson 2 | Story Review

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The mystery of the 7th brother begins… In Lesson 2 of Obey Me, we continue to learn more about the Devildom and its residents, and we get to meet the remaining members of the main cast– except for the missing, seventh demon brother, that is.

Who is he, and why can’t the other brothers talk about him? And can MC trust Lucifer, or is Solomon just sowing seeds of doubt? This lesson provided a lot of new information, yet it left many questions unanswered…

Note: ‘Lessons’ in Obey Me are the same as ‘chapters’ or ‘acts’. Lesson 2 has 16 parts, plus 3 bonus parts in a side-branch, for a total of 19 parts; 10 of which are story chapters, while the remaining 9 are ‘dance battles’– a minigame you have to pass in order to continue reading.

I’m impressed with how the writers of Obey Me are able to gradually introduce a premise, several plot arcs, and a relatively sizeable cast of characters in such a short amount of screen time– all without needing to resort to long passages of exposition.

As a player, you can learn a lot about the cast, story, and setting from the dialogue– including the characters’ banter and seemingly-everyday conversations. This is an effective and entertaining way for the writers to convey information without over-explanation or info-dumping.

Plot Summary:
☆ Forge your first pact with a demon
☆ Meet Solomon, Barbatos, Simeon, and Luke
☆ Investigate the mystery of the 7th demon brother…

In Lesson 2, most of the remaining major characters are introduced, including fellow human-exchange student Solomon; Diavolo’s butler, Barbatos; and the two exchange students from the Celestial Realm, Simeon and Luke.

From these introductions, the premise of ‘high school in hell’ is relegated to a convenient backdrop that provides opportunities for regular interactions between the main characters. This shift in focus shows players that the story will primarily revolve around the cast’s relationships and bonds with each other, rather than any specific setting or situation.

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There’s also an optional side-branch of the story that I highly recommend reading. These two story parts take place over a game of cards between Solomon, Asmodeus, and Satan– which may not sound that interesting, but the dialogue contains enough comedy to keep it entertaining, and the intriguing stories they tell each other expose more nuance to the characters introduced thus far (particularly Lucifer and Mammon).

Furthermore, the discussion around the main character’s first pact explains how it was possible to pull off the plan so easily, despite the fact that convincing demons to agree to pacts with humans is supposedly a rare and difficult thing to achieve. If you finish the main story parts for Lesson 2 and you still have questions about the plot, it’s worth reading the side-stories for some extra lore and information.

Final thoughts: All in all, I enjoyed Lesson 2, and I continue to be impressed with how neatly the writers are able to pack so much information into such entertaining, concise scenes. I love how various elements of the story are gradually introduced through comedic situations that also help to further the plot, thereby avoiding the need to info-dump or over-explain anything.

In short, Lesson 2 is a neat, polished chapter that continues to draw players into the world of Obey Me, while still leaving enough unanswered questions to keep you coming back for more…

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