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The great TSL trivia showdown: After a whirlwind of introductions in the opening chapters, Lesson 3 of Obey Me slows down the pace and gives players players a chance to relax, spend some time with Mammon, and start building tension for the following Lesson…

Note: ‘Lessons’ in Obey Me are the same as ‘chapters’ or ‘acts’. Lesson 3 has 21 parts, 8 of which are story chapters, while the remaining 13 are ‘dance battles’– a minigame you have to pass in order to continue reading.

There aren’t as many story parts compared to dance battle minigames in Lesson 3, and most of the plot is spent building up to a dramatic, cliff-hanger ending. During these set-up scenes, MC spends the majority of their time listening (or not listening) to Mammon bragging about himself, as the two new partners in crime embark on their grand scheme to distract Lucifer, and uncover the secrets of the attic.

Plot Summary:
☆ Continue investigating the mystery in the attic
☆ Recruit Mammon, Beel, and Satan to your cause
☆ Challenge Levi – the Avatar of Otak- I mean, Envy – to a trivia contest

Depending on the dialogue choices you make, you may uncover a little more about the motivations of the demon brothers (particularly Satan and Beel), and there’s some further lore dropped during the TSL (The Seven Lords) scenes – as it becomes increasingly obvious who writes the series, and who inspired the major characters.

I like that the TSL series mirrors the game’s own story, as it’s a fun way for the writers to further establish the characters (and foreshadow future plot reveals) without having to explicitly state these things in exposition dumps, or long-winded conversations.

Favourite moment: MC trash-talking Levi when they’re trying to convince him to accept their challenge to a TSL trivia contest. Obey Me excels at comedy, particularly in the form of dialogue, and now that I’ve seen the anime where MC is depicted as a sheep, it just makes it even funnier to imagine a tiny, fluffy, purple sheep goading the Avatar of Envy into the otaku version of a duel.

On the contrary, I found the moment towards the end of the final chapter kind of bizarre, as the entire Lesson sets Levi up to be an insecure, ‘envious’ otaku, yet Mammon tells him that he and MC are going to take his pride down a peg or two with their upcoming ultimate move… what pride, Mammon? His whole thing is that he has none. At least, that was my impression. To be honest, I feel kind of mean doing this to Levi, but I’ll go along with it for the sake of the plot.

MC is actually pretty sadistic in this Lesson, and impressively fearless (or oblivious), considering how many times they’ve been told they’re in danger of being eaten by demons. Every now and then I stopped to think about what was actually happening, and it’s kind of horrifying — which is why it’s probably best to just not think about it too hard…

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Final thoughts: I definitely noticed a drop-off in pacing, and there’s an obvious shift in the ratio of story to minigame parts. It feels like the writers wanted to end on a cliff-hanger, but, in order to do so, they had to stretch this Lesson out a little bit and fill it with a few extra dance battles. Playing it again now, rather than for the first time, it didn’t take too long to read the entire lesson, but I’ve already cleared the dance battles, so I could read each story part in a row, without interruptions.

Honestly, I might try and read new Lessons like this in the future – skip through the story and clear the battles first, before returning to the beginning and reading the chapters from start to finish, without having to take a break to clear a minigame. Having several dance battle stages between story parts can disrupt the flow of the story, and I’m definitely enjoying reading uninterrupted much more than when I previously read the story in bits and pieces.

Note: As the plot continues to progress, it’s going to be difficult for me to discuss the Lessons without spoiling anything. From Lesson 4, I’ll put a spoiler warning at the top of the post, so I can go into more detail in future reviews.

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