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Fanservice, the episode: I’m pretty confident ‘Episode 3 – Carrots, Please!’ is the reason why this anime is tagged as ‘fanservice’ on Funimation. From a quick-and-easy introduction to the cast, to a wholesome video game sesh between brothers, the series so far has been more ‘sweet’ than ‘spicy’. But, apparently, this family-friendly vibe wasn’t destined to last…

Don’t get me wrong– I’m all for this sudden change of pace. Hot demons in bunny suits? Hell yeah. And, even with the sudden cute-but-steamy atmosphere, Obey Me maintains its silly sense of humour, making episode 3 equal parts thirsty and hilarious.

I liked that each character got to have a little moment in the spotlight, so every player, no matter who their oshi is, can enjoy seeing the demon brothers dressed up in bunny ears, suits, and heels. That’s right, heels. With bunny ears. And bow-ties… have I sold this episode to you yet?

The highlight, for me, has to be the game of twister. Not only am I intensely impressed at their ability to play the game while wearing stilettos, but it also added that little sprinkle of comedy to help the ecchi go down. It also made for some great screenshots (which I’ll include in the slideshow below).

I mentioned in the previous episode’s review that I’m glad the writers decided to do a series of one-shot short episodes, rather than a full-length anime. I maintain this position, as I can’t imagine how a bunny suit host-club would fit into a comprehensive, overarching plot, so we may never have witnessed this masterpiece in a different format.

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I thought it was interesting that, instead of featuring Sheep MC on screen, this episode was shot from MC’s perspective. The demon brothers would turn to face the camera and talk to the viewer, which I thought was another creative way to include MC in the show, without forcing a particular appearance or gender onto them.

Personally, I prefer having Sheep MC on screen. That being said, I don’t think using both styles is a bad idea. Especially in such a ‘fan-servicey’ episode. The only issue I found with this style was that, in other episodes, MC is presented as a small, fluffy sheep, yet the position of the ‘camera’ in this episode indicates a much taller stature than I would have expected.

From this height, MC would have to be floating, flying, or levitating somehow (I mean, magic is real in this setting, so it’s a possibility). I don’t know how it would have looked from a lower angle, but at least it would have been consistent with the way MC is portrayed in the show. Plus, any viewer who wanted to imagine themselves in MC’s shoes could have rationalised the enormous height difference by saying that demons are just huge, especially when compared to a puny human.

Still, Obey Me has never been one to take itself too seriously, and I get the feeling this episode was designed with self-insert players in mind, rather than die-hard fans of Sheep MC (guilty as charged). As a fan-service episode, I can see why this decision was made, and, if I’m being completely honest, I didn’t mind being waited on by hot demons in bunny suits…


Where to Watch

Episode 3 of the Obey Me Anime is available on YouTube, Funimation, and the in-game app ‘DevilTube’.

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Game Name:
Obey Me! One master to rule them all!
Producer(s): NTT Solmare, Shall We Date?
Platform: Mobile
Available for download: here!
Age Rating: PG / 12+

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