Obey Me! | Lesson 4 | Story Review

The Trump Card – End the TSL Trivia Contest in a dramatic fashion and claim your second pact with a demon in Lesson 4 of Obey Me…

Lesson 4 confirms that the first arc will focus on getting to know the demon brothers and collecting pacts with them one-by-one. That being said, more complex plotlines have also begun to emerge, particularly surrounding the mystery of the attic – which has finally had its first major reveal, sparking intrigue in the first season’s main storyline…

Lesson Parts:
☆ 8 Main Story Parts + 2 Side Story Parts
☆ 11 Main Dance Battles + 1 Side Dance Battle

As with Lesson 3, the ratio of story parts to dance battles in Lesson 4 is a little skewed in the wrong direction, with a total of 10 story parts and 12 dance battles. These minigames can break the momentum of the story and sometimes put me off playing more, but I also understand that they’re necessary to incorporate the card collecting and stat raising elements of the game.

It’s a difficult balance to achieve, but I think Lessons 3 and 4 are too weighted in the minigame direction, and I’m hoping future lessons will have more story parts to dance battles…

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The first half of Lesson 4 focuses on Levi, resolving the cliff-hanger of the TSL Trivia Contest and the aftermath of Levi’s anger. It shows just how dangerous demons can be, but also how human they can be (well, not literally – more in the relatable sense). I loved the way MC and Levi resolved their differences after the contest, as it shows his softer, more vulnerable side – which enhances his character beyond the limitations of simply a deadly, jealous demon.

Mammon continues to be heavily involved, but more as a perpetually-exasperated older brother than the butt of everyone’s jokes (although he does resume this role in the side story). You can see his budding relationship with MC begin to bloom – as it’s clear he’s the demon closest to the protagonist at this point in the story – and there’s a particularly ‘tsundere’ moment after the contest that I’m sure Mammon fans will also enjoy.

Beel hovers in the background before taking the spotlight in the final scene, and it seems he’ll be the star of the next lesson. I’m excited to explore his character further – beyond ‘hungry’ – and it seems he’s next on the list of MC’s victims demons to make a pact with.

Asmo and Satan provide some comedy in the initial scenes, before disappearing completely. While I know they come into the plot more later in the story, I’m still sad not to get more screen time with them now. Lucifer, on the other hand, maintains a decent amount of involvement in each scene, although he’s largely painted as the antagonist – the authority figure MC is rebelling against.

The mysterious man in the attic makes his first character sprite appearance, and the first major plot arc begins. I got a sense that the first four chapters were a sort of tutorial or introduction story, and now the plot will pick up the pace. That being said, MC already has two pacts, and it looks like a third is soon to come, so I like how the tutorial arc didn’t feel like a tutorial arc – instead, it’s seamlessly incorporated into the overarching plot.

Plot Summary:
☆ Defeat Leviathan in a TSL Trivia Contest
☆ Achievement get: second demon pact
☆ Distract Lucifer and follow the disembodied voice leading you up the creepy staircase, towards the mysterious, forbidden attic… (what could possibly go wrong?)
☆ Embark on the real first plot arc!

I’m enjoying revisiting these early stages of the story to see how the characters are portrayed before MC gets to know them, and before they experience any character growth. It’s a shame that certain characters have to take a backseat until later, while others get the spotlight, but I appreciate that each demon brother has a chance to be the star, rather than trying to feature all of them and ending up with shallow characterisations.

I’m also impressed with the writers – it’s clever to have the goal of the first plot arc designed in such a way that the player can gradually get to know each of the demon brothers in a meaningful way, without needing large passages of exposition. While certain events are definitely absurd (and problematic, if you think about them for too long), this is clearly meant for comedic purposes, and I don’t get the sense that we’re meant to take it too seriously.

Still, it will be interesting to watch the style evolve as players inevitably fall for the demon brothers and become more attached to the characters. I think it will be harder to get away with certain plot elements (the demons trying to kill MC, for example), once players are more emotionally invested in the story and relationships they’ve built. At this stage in the game, there’s still a sense of awe and confusion, as players are just trying to figure out who’s who and what the hell is going on.

Side story: Chapters 4A and 4C weren’t my favourite of the side stories so far, as Mammon and Beel are misbehaving at MC’s expense – but, the second story part has some cute moments between the two brothers that will be especially appreciated by Mammon fans.

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Favourite moment: Beel getting angry about Mammon eating his custard. I just found this incredibly relatable and it makes me wonder what daily life is like in the House of Lamentation, even before MC arrived. I also find it funny to think that both Mammon and Beel are known for stealing things (valuables and food, respectively), so they’re actually pretty similar – yet they can’t stand it when the other behaves in such a way.

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