Top 10 Cosy Comfort Characters for When You’re Feeling Under the Weather | Recommendations

Cosy comfort characters for a rainy day – I was sick recently, and while I was lying around feeling sorry for myself I decided to lift my spirits by indulging in some of my favourite otome comfort characters — the kind of love interests I can always rely on to make me feel like a pampered princess, rather than the plague-infested couch gremlin I truly am.

Whether it’s a reliable oji-san with a deep, soothing voice, or an energetic ‘genki’ to lift your spirits — I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs an ikemen pick-me-up when I’m feeling down, so here’s my recommended top ten cosy love interestfor when you need a dose of 2D TLC…

#10 – Leon Dompteur | Ikémen Prince

While I may not have enjoyed Leon’s main route as much as I was expecting, this was largely due to not being in the mood for a cozy comfy character when I read it.

However, I can’t deny that he has some great lines that are guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I took some screenshots of my favourites, specifically so I could return to them for a pick-me-up on a rainy day – and they came in handy while I was unwell!

If you’re feeling blue and want an otome love interest to take you by the hand and spoil you rotten, then you’ll find what you’re looking for in Ikemen Prince’s fourth prince, Leon Dompteur.

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#9 – Asmodeus | Obey Me!

Asmodeus may not be the first person that comes to mind when you think of warm, fuzzy, comfy characters. He’s a narcissistic demon and inherently self-centred… that is, until he realises there may just be someone he cares about more than himself, after all.

There’s just something about his upbeat attitude that never fails to put a smile on my face, and you know he’d have all the best self-care tips for when you’re not feeling 100%. I could see him swanning into your room with arms full of soothing skin lotions and face masks to stop your runny nose from getting too sore, or eye cream to help with the eye bags…

The point is, if anyone knows how to pamper someone, it’s Asmo – he’s been pampering himself for millennia, after all. And he wouldn’t take no for an answer if you tried to be all stoic about it, either – which is why Asmodeus is on this list, despite being a demon lord.

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#8 – Date Masamune | Ikémen Sengoku

When I think of ‘comfort characters’, I typically think of soothing, sweet love interests who pamper you and help you relax. Date Masamune, on the other hand… well, I wouldn’t describe him as ‘relaxing’.

A wild, adventurous type – Date Masamune will sweep you off your feet and take you on an exciting, whirlwind romance full of playful fun and mischief. While this may not seem particularly ‘cosy’, he’s still guaranteed to lift your spirits and put you in a better mood.

Plus, he can cook. I like to imagine that he’d be the type to make you all your favourite foods and spoil you rotten… although he may tease you a little while he’s at it.

Still, for some fun and games and witty dialogue to cheer you up, I highly recommend Ikemen Sengoku’s ‘One-Eyed Dragon’, Date Masamune.

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#7 – Akuroou | Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani

The pinnacle of ‘mum friend’, Akuroou from Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani is everyoni’s favourite older-brother/uncle/dad/that cool auntie who always gives you a bag of candy when you’ve been good. Despite the little hints of spiciness as he teases and flirts with you, Akuroou maintains his status as the epitome of reliability. He’s calm, cool, and capable, and he knows just how to pamper you when you need some TLC.

I mean, I really can’t think of a character I’ve come across recently who’s more comforting. He’s a powerful oni, so he can protect you if you encounter anything dangerous, he always has candy on him, and his voice is so soothing I felt years of anxiety fading away every time he spoke. Plus, I just get the feeling that he gives really good hugs.

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#6 – Leonardo Da Vinci | Ikemen Vampire

Speaking of old and reliable supernatural beings with voices so soothing they could end all wars – I couldn’t make this list without including Ikemen Vampires sexy rendition of the historical Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci.

Much like Akuroou, Leonardo has a bit of angst to spice up an otherwise incredibly soothing character whose entire thing is ‘relax, Cara Mia, I got this.’

If life’s got you down and you’re feeling overwhelmed, try leaning on Leo’s broad shoulders and letting his large, capable hands take care of all your problems for you.

He’s quite literally good at everything (being an immortal genius seems quite handy), so no matter your ailment, he’ll be sure to have a solution hiding somewhere in the mountain of books and stuff in his room…

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#5 – Fenrir Godspeed | Ikemen Revolution

Going back to energetic ‘genki’ love interests who’ll cheer you up and spoil you rotten, Fenrir Godspeed from Ikemen Revolution has a particular scene early in his route that I still remember, years after playing it, because it was just so darn wholesome and heart-warming.

It was one of those moments where I just really needed to hear the things he said. Sometimes having a handsome 2D man telling you everything’s going to be okay just hits you right in that sensitive squishy bit of your heart.

With a cheerful grin and Tetsuya Kakihara’s magnificently iconic voice that makes me smile whenever I hear it – Fenrir was the supportive best-bud I didn’t know I needed.

Plus, he’s just fun. He’s that excitable, wild type that encourages you to relax, stop overthinking things, and remember to enjoy yourself. If you’re looking for comfort characters to help you de-stress, I highly recommend Fenrir from Ikemen Revolution.

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#4 – Toyotomi Hideyoshi | Ikemen Sengoku

If you like Sakuratani’s mama hen, Akuroou, then chances are you’ll also like Ikemen Sengoku’s mama hen, Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Always fussing over the other warlords (and MC, of course), Hideyoshi would be the first one to come rushing to your side if you were feeling even a little bit under the weather.

He’s also renowned for making really good tea, so if you just needed a quiet minute to unwind, he’d know exactly which leaves to use for such an occasion.

There is actually a scene in his route where he takes care of MC when she gets sick – so there’s canonical evidence of him being a perfect comfort character for otome fans who just really want a hot 2D guy to bring a cool wet towel for their feverish forehead.

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#3 – Comte de Saint-Germain | Ikemen Vampire

Everyone’s favourite vampiric father figure – Comte de Saint-Germain is frequently described as the ‘dad’ of the Ikemen Vampire family. Doting, thoughtful, and always calm, he’d absolutely get childishly-delighted to have the opportunity to spoil you (even more so than usual).

If you’re looking for a love interest who’ll ease your worries with their gentle, golden hues and softly-spoken, elegant voice, then I recommend Ikemen Vampire’s Comte de Saint-Germain.

If you’re wanting to be spoiled and pampered, then I definitely recommend Comte de Saint-Germain. He especially likes to buy you (exceedingly expensive) clothes and jewellery – so much so that you’ll likely need another wardrobe before long.

His route was only recently released in Ikemen Vampire, making him fresh material in the world of otome comfort characters, and therefore perfect for otome players looking for a new cosy 2D guy to add to their collection.

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#2 – Akechi Mitsuhide | Ikemen Sengoku

I’m still not certain that Ikemen Sengoku’s Akechi Mitsuhide fits the criteria of ‘comfort character’, but I had to put him here because he’s my #1 otome husband of all time, so he’s definitely the character I turn to whenever I want someone cosy, comfy, and familiar.

He may be a mischievous trickster, but he’s also highly perceptive. Even if he goes about it in a cheeky way, he’ll likely notice that you’re feeling down before you do and already have a plan in motion by the time you’ve started to wonder if you should have a little rest.

In the end, the best comfort characters are the ones you find comforting – and that’s likely to include your faves. Perhaps, instead of #2 being Akechi Mitsuhide, specifically, it’s just whoever your favourite character of all time happens to be – so feel free to fill in this entry with whoever you love the most.

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#1 – Artem Wing | Tears of Themis

I cannot think of a more comfortable otome love interest than sweet-hearted, dad-sweater-wearing Artem Wing, from miHoYo’s Tears of Themis.

He’s always there for MC when she needs him, ready to give her a helping hand or some much-needed words of support – and he’s always taking note of the things that cheer her up or help her relax.

I just can’t find anything remotely offensive about him. He’s kind, gentle, reliable, supportive, and even though he claims to have trouble connecting with people, he feels incredibly warm and approachable to me.

Plus, that soft and cosy sweater adds an extra little comfy touch to an already soothing character. Artem was the one I instantly thought of when I decided to write this list – which is why he gets the #1 spot in my ‘Comfort Character’ tier list.

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Final Thoughts

While writing this list, I realised that the definition for ‘comfort character’ is actually pretty vague. I thought it would be easy to make the distinction, but really it just comes down to whatever (or whoever) you personally find comforting. For me, that means softly-spoken, reliable characters who can put you at ease with a proud-dad smile and gentle, tender eyes. There are a lot of warm brown and golden tones in this list, so I guess that’s my comfort character type.

On the other hand, I also seem to gravitate towards characters whose routes I particularly loved. The familiarity and nostalgia is something I find relaxing – probably because I know I’ll enjoy it again, so there’s no risk of dramatic surprises or intense emotions that I wasn’t expecting. I know that if I go through my Mitsuhide collection of saved stories in Ikemen Sengoku, that I’ll be able to just jump right in and immerse myself in my all-time favourite character, without needing to worry about any shocking twists or turns.

Interestingly, I also included ‘genki’ characters in this list – but only the ones who were also reliable in one way or another. There aren’t, unfortunately, any himbos in this list – even though I really love himbos. This is likely because they often do silly things, or need guiding from the protagonist to point them in the right direction. While I adore them in other circumstances, I do feel like I’d need to tell them how to take care of me, which isn’t necessarily what I want to do when I’m feeling run down and exhausted.

Genki characters like Masamune and Fenrir, however, are not only energetic and fun to be around, but also perceptive and good at taking care of people. In other words, they’d be able to cheer you up by being their upbeat, adventurous selves, but also capable of being serious and reliable when needed.

Depending on what exactly prompted you to seek out comfort characters in the first place, you may be drawn to one archetype or the either (or perhaps something entirely different!). You may want the familiarity of your fave, or you may be looking for another cosy type to add to your harem of 2D men who’ll pamper you like the princess (or prince) you truly are.

Either way, did you see your favourite comfort character in this list? Or do you have a completely different type that you like to turn to when you’re feeling under the weather? Let us know in the replies at the end of this article!

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