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Flirty, narcissistic, and completely confident in his ability to charm anyone, Asmodeus is the 5th Demon Lord of Hell and Avatar of Lust. He fits an uncommon and – in my opinion – highly under-appreciated archetype; the dazzling, bubbly, feminine love interest with a seemingly contradictory, mature, seductive streak. One moment you’ll be having a slumber party in his room, painting each others nails and chatting about Mammon’s latest photoshoot, and the next he’ll be innocently inviting you to take a bath with him (to test a new product, of course) and, if you’re not careful, you might not remember which sin he represents until you’ve already fallen for temptation…

Sweet: 3/5
Spicy: 4/5
Character Design: 3/5
Story: N/A*

*Story N/A – Obey Me doesn’t feature individual character routes

Character Design

Similar to: Seth Hyde (Ikémen Revolution), Karma (Cinderella Phenomenon), Zen (Mystic Messenger)

Asmodeus is my favourite of the demon brothers. I’m a sucker for a glamorous, flirty narcissist and Asmo ticks all of these boxes. With pink hair, an androgynous style, and enough ego for the both of us, Asmo lives up to the name of Avatar of Lust. That being said, as the Avatar of Lust, I did expect more spicy content, and maybe some more ‘lustful’ outfits. Instead, Lucifer seems to get the most spicy scenes, and Mammon is the demon lord with an allergy to being fully clothed.

Still, the concept behind his character design is interesting, and the idol archetype is fitting for a demon lord obsessed with his looks and popularity. I love characters that break gender stereotypes, and Asmo definitely delivers on that front. He’s spoiled, but still charming, and he has that perfect combination of cutesy charm and seductive allure.

In terms of appearance, as I said before, I would like to see more outfits befitting an Avatar of Lust, but he does have some great options already. I love his demon form, with the bat wings often associated with succubi, and while some of his outfits are less inspiring, he has others that I absolutely adore. His bedroom is just as glamorous, and actually fairly similar to MC’s room, and it’s probably the one I would like to have the most in real life, even if it’s simply for the enormous private bathroom with an equally enormous bathtub.

Flirt / Narcissist / Idol

Tropes: The Flirt and Playboy archetypes are very similar and often interchangeable, but from my experience in playing the story of Obey Me, the flirtatious, seductive elements of Asmo’s personality are more prominent than his popularity with other characters, so I’ve gone with Flirt rather than Playboy in this case.

He does talk about his adoring fans at the club, but this seems to be more in line with the Idol aspect of his character, rather than necessarily dating or sleeping with them. I wouldn’t typically pick ‘Narcissist’ as an archetype, as it often comes hand-in-hand with the Flirt or Idol tropes, but it’s such a large part of his personality that I had to include it.


Story structure: Obey Me doesn’t have individual routes for characters. Instead, you have the opportunity to romance any and all of the love interests, depending on the dialogue choices you make. You can also unlock side-stories through cards collected in the game’s gacha feature (called ‘Nightmare’), which allow for more one-on-one time with your love interest(s) of choice.

As with the other demon brothers, Asmo isn’t interested in MC at first. He’s a self-centred idol who sees MC as nothing more than a filthy human unworthy of his attention, and he’d much rather be partying with his succubi friends and fans. However, as the story progresses and you spend more time living under the same roof, he can’t help but begin to pay attention to you.

After a particular incident that forces him to finally acknowledge you, Asmodeus completely switches his attitude. If you were here for the condescension and insults (I don’t blame you, his sneering face is top-tier), then enjoy it while it lasts, because after you gain a pact with Asmodeus, it’s all doting and obsessive affection from there. He suddenly becomes your best gal-pal, sharing his beauty tips and hosting sleepovers in his room… party of two, of course. He is pushy, clingy, and spoiled, but he’s also kind and generous once he warms up to you.

“I look dazzling today as well, don’t I?”

– Asmodeus (Obey Me Official Site)

Asmodeus’ character progression in the story mostly revolves around his narcissism, rather than any major plot points. He seems to get on with all of his brothers equally, although he does appear to be close to Satan, who’s frequently in charge of keeping Asmo in line. Asmo even gets on well with Mammon (the Avatar of Greed who is constantly teased by his brothers) as they both like fashion and partying. Unlike some of the other demon brothers, Asmodeus doesn’t have any deep-seated grudges or ongoing feuds that need to be resolved, so his elements of the story mostly focus on his personal character growth, and his growing affection for MC.

I personally enjoyed watching this self-absorbed playboy gradually realise that he had finally found someone he thought of more highly than himself. Seeing his personality change due to his interactions with MC is very rewarding, and I love the dynamic they have after they forge a pact. While Mammon is often the comic relief character, Asmo also gets plenty of comedic moments, but these are balanced out with heartfelt, sincere scenes, and seductive, flirtatious advances.

Final Thoughts

There’s no one that Asmodeus loves more than himself… Until you come along. Watching someone so self-obsessed finally admitting that maybe there’s someone they like even more is one of my favourite character growth arcs. He’s often ranked the lowest in community polls, and I don’t see as many dedicated fan accounts to Asmo, but his cutesy charm and his more mature, seductive side contribute to a unique, under-appreciated archetype that I personally love.

You’ll like Asmodeus if you like: sleepovers, taking steamy baths with your love interest (Asmo has a seriously nice bathroom), parties, fashion, cutesy love interests that have a darker, more seductive side, breaking gender stereotypes, and glamorous guys who will tell you how beautiful you are and share all of their tips for flawless skin.

Voice Actor

Miura Ayme

Miura Ayme is the voice actor for Asmodeus. He’s also a visual kei artist and singer/musician who performed the opening theme for Obey Me, as well as several other promotional and in-game songs. ☆

Miura Ayme’s Accounts:

Twitter | Instagram | Patreon | Website | YouTube

Game Info

Game Name:
Obey Me! One master to rule them all!
Producer(s): NTT Solmare, Shall We Date?
Platform: Mobile
Available for download: here!
Age Rating: PG / 12+

Bonus Content

Lyrics: Rui Fujishiro & OHTORA
Music: OHTORA & New K
Arrangement: New K


‘Pomade’ is Asmodeus’ character song. Miura Ayme is a professional singer, and ‘Pomade’ really showcases his skill. I also really love the lyrics, as you can see the focus gradually shift with each verse, from being completely self-centred (with Asmo assuming your attention is on him), to focusing more on MC and him craving their attention.

‘Pomade’ essentially sums up the character growth Asmo experiences in the game, as he realises he has found someone he values more highly than himself, and he’s no longer certain that they’ll adore him. The song is in Japanese, but translated lyrics are available at the Fandom Wiki page.

It also comes with the audio drama track, ‘Asmodeus’ New Hobby’. In this drama track, Asmo and Levi build a robot together. Levi tries to explain the process, but Asmo keeps getting distracted by his reflection in the metal parts. This track is in Japanese, but a translation of the dialogue can be found here.

Lyrics: Rui Fujishiro & New K

Choose Me

‘Choose Me’ was the first of Obey Me’s ‘Unit Songs’, in other words, a group song rather than individual character songs. It features not only Asmodeus, but also Mammon and Leviathan. For translated lyrics, see the Fandom Wiki page.

The song is available to listen to on Spotify. It sounds similar to some of the rap unit songs that have been released lately, such as those by Hypnosis Mic and Paradox Live. It’s highly energetic and features the three demon brothers competing for MC’s love.

It also comes with the audio drama track, ‘From Us to You’. In this drama track, the three brothers realise MC is coming to the Devildom to visit and they prepare a gift – a stuffed toy with recorded audio messages. Each of the brothers records a different message, which you can hear in the drama track. This track is in Japanese, but a translation of the dialogue can be found here.

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  • Asmo is tied as my favorite of the Demon Brothers, along with Belphie! Nice to know your thoughts on him!

    Liked by 1 person

  • These characters summaries are great! Thanks for posting them!

    Liked by 1 person

  • Asmo is SUCH a GOOD character. I find it sad how not many people realize that! He’s my favorite and I like to role play as him with my friends constantly.

    Liked by 1 person

  • My first choice was and is always Belphie since he was the reason why I downloaded the game in the first place (cows are one of my favorite animals and I personally find him attractive in a cute soft sleepy boy kind of way). Second is Satan because he and I share a lot of common interests (books, cats, apple pies, dislike towards Lucifer, etc) and by visual appearance he is my ideal type (pretty boy with blond hair and light blue eyes). I haven’t gotten to like Asmo until I started playing Nightbringer (I took a 2 year break from the game so yeah I missed out on a lot) and it was only now that I begin to see his appeal. He is definitely very good looking and has great fashion sense, but he is also caring and thoughtful when he can be. I personally think aside from Mammon he is the least harmful of the brothers since he usually doesn’t go batshit crazy when he gets angry. I do enjoy listening to his voice as well because of how cute and high pitched it sounds. While Asmo may not win me over to become a romantic interest for me, he would be my first pick for an extroverted best friend that I can gossip and hang out with outside for things I don’t like (stereotypical girly stuff basically shopping, makeovers, dress up, etc) as I do not like leaving the house much because I’m a hermit with social anxiety. But then again if Asmo were with me anywhere, I’d say my day would be 50x more fun and 100x less lonely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love that analysis of Asmo! And I agree, he’d be an amazing friend to go shopping and hang out with! Belphie is one of my faves too ♥ I’m a sucker for a softly-spoken sleepy boi~!


      • Asmo also would be the least likely to hold a grudge lol. He has a very lighthearted attitude so I would feel less anxious when I’m with him (also less noticed when all eyes are on him which is great because SOCIAL ANXIETY). It doesn’t hurt that his ability to charm anyone can come in handy in dangerous situations. I don’t like narcisstic characters but… Asmo won me over. He’s not too high and mighty about himself like Lucifer. He’s just pretty and he knows damn well that he is pretty and heaven forbid that I would ever say no to a nice self-care pampering from one of the prettiest beings in all 3 realms hahaha

        Liked by 2 people

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