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With crippling social anxiety and low self-esteem, Leviathan requires a lot of patience and persistence, but that doesn’t mean he’s not worth the effort. His sincere and unbridled passion for all things otaku is incredibly endearing and probably pretty relatable for most otome game fans. Leviathan is the kind of guy you want to snuggle up to and play video games with, and, once you earn the trust of this painfully shy demon lord, you’ll find he’s a sweet, supportive guy who’s just super excited to share his passions with someone…

*Story N/A – Obey Me doesn’t feature individual character routes

Character Design

Similar to: Isaac Newton (Ikémen Vampire), Yoosung (Mystic Messenger), Tokugawa Ieyasu (Ikémen Sengoku)

Leviathan is the Avatar of Envy and Admiral of Hell’s Navy. He’s the third-born of the demon lords, which is implied to mean he’s the third-most powerful of the brothers, and it’s mentioned that he holds the power to start the apocalypse at any moment. Plus, Leviathan can summon Lotan, an enormous deep-sea creature who’s essentially Cthulu…

And yet, the closest Leviathan is likely to get to unleashing these terrifying powers is if he one day got too upset over his favourite anime character dying. Or maybe his favourite idol is graduating, or some ‘normie’ online is doubting his extensive knowledge of all things ‘Henry and the Seven Lords’. That’s right, Hell’s Admiral is a gloomy, otaku shut-in with crippling social anxiety and a pet goldfish named Henry 2.0, who he claims is his only friend.

Levi’s uniform outfit

Appearance: All the demon brothers seem to be incapable of wearing their school uniforms properly, but Levi is particularly messy. It’s easy to forget that these demon lords also attend school, but if the uniform look isn’t your thing, they also have several alternative outfits that you can unlock through collecting and upgrading cards.

Despite the purple tie and hair, Levi’s signature colour is actually orange, which is reflected in his eyes and the ‘Envy’ symbol seen throughout the game. His demon form features some aquatic elements, such as coral antlers and a scaled tail, and his bedroom is similarly themed, with a bathtub bed, jellyfish lights, and giant aquariums.

Levi’s bedroom

Tsundere / Dandere / Otaku

Tropes: The ‘Envy’ aspect of Levi’s character has been interpreted as low self-esteem and frequently comparing himself to others in a negative light. This lends itself to his ‘tsundere’ qualities, that is, getting embarrassed and flustered when you show him any sort of affection, as he has difficulty accepting the idea that anyone would choose to spend time with him when they could be doing literally anything else.

As for the ‘dandere’ trope, Levi prefers to stay secluded in his room, largely due to his intense social anxiety (he actually vibrated during an event story, he was that nervous) and he’s an avid fan of anime, manga, idols, and cosplay, among other things, all of which fall into the ‘otaku’ sub-culture. While he insists he’s not good at talking to people or making friends, once he gets going on a topic about something that interests him, he has a very sincere enthusiasm that I personally find adorable.


Story structure: Obey Me doesn’t have individual routes for characters. Instead, you have the opportunity to romance any and all of the love interests, depending on the dialogue choices you make. You can also unlock side-stories through cards collected through the game’s gacha feature (called ‘Nightmare’), which often allow for more one-on-one time with your love interest(s) of choice.

Levi isn’t initially interested in MC as he thinks they’re a ‘normie’ and not worth his time. He assumes they wouldn’t like him due to his intense obsessions and supposed lack of social skills. However, he gradually comes around, slowly accepting that there is maybe, possibly, a tiny chance that someone might actually genuinely enjoy his company, and maybe even want to be his friend… Maybe.

“Henry, I talked to a human stranger today!”

– Leviathan (Official Website)

Leviathan is unique among the love interests for still struggling late in the story to believe MC would be romantically interested in him. Even when MC makes it painfully obvious that they like him, whether it’s in a friendly or more-than-friendly way, Levi tends to misread the situation, insisting there’s no way MC would see him that way. That being said, once he does accept them as his friend, he is incredibly sweet and supportive. Levi’s authenticity and sincerity in his passion for his hobbies translates across into his affection for you, even if it is, at times, misguided. You will have to be persistent with this shy, insecure demon lord, but if you like cute, nerdy love interests, then he’s well worth the effort.

Same Levi… same.

Final Thoughts

Leviathan is a sweet, sincere, shy demon lord who usually keeps to himself in his room, but suddenly becomes bursting with energy when talking about his interests. If you’re an otome game fan, then chances are you also have other otaku hobbies, and sharing your passions with someone who understands is appealing in itself, even if you decide to keep him as a friend character rather than a romantic interest.

While his low-self esteem and intense shyness can be frustrating at times, the purity and innocence in his affection for you once he accepts your feelings is so sweet that it more than makes up for the persistence he requires. I didn’t know that the otome community was missing a demon lord you could snuggle up and watch anime marathons with, but I’m grateful to Obey Me for delivering Levi to us anyway.

You’ll like Leviathan if you like: Otaku love interests, anime, pet goldfish, playing video games with your demon boyfriend, shy boys, intense blushing, sleeping in a bathtub.

Voice Actor

Kada Satoshi (加田智志)

~ Kada Satoshi is the voice actor for Leviathan ~

Game Info

Game Name:
Obey Me! One master to rule them all!
Producer(s): NTT Solmare, Shall We Date?
Platform: Mobile
Available for download: here!
Age Rating: PG / 12+

Bonus Content

Lyrics: Rui Fujishiro
Composers: Maeshima Soshi

My Chance!

‘My Chance!’ is probably one of the most wholesome songs I have ever heard. The sentiment behind the lyrics perfectly encapsulates the appeal of Levi’s character, as he tries to pluck up the courage to reach out to MC and accept their friendship. He’s shy, sweet, and adorable. For translated lyrics, see the Fandom Wiki page.

If you want to hear the third-most powerful demon brother and admiral of Hell’s navy to awkwardly serenade you (in a friend way), then you can listen to the song on Spotify.

It also comes with the audio drama track, ‘Levi’s Maid Café Rehearsal’. In this drama track, Levi nervously practices his Maid Café lines, complete with anxious stuttering. This track is in Japanese, but a translation of the dialogue can be found here.

Lyrics: Rui Fujishiro & New K

Choose Me

‘Choose Me’ was the first of Obey Me’s ‘Unit Songs’, in other words, a group song rather than individual character songs. It features not only Leviathan, but also Mammon and Asmodeus. For translated lyrics, see the Fandom Wiki page.

The song is available to listen to on Spotify. It sounds similar to some of the rap unit songs that have been released lately, such as those by Hypnosis Mic and Paradox Live. It’s highly energetic and features the three demon brothers competing for MC’s love.

It also comes with the audio drama track, ‘From Us to You’. In this drama track, the three brothers realise MC is coming to the Devildom to visit and they prepare a gift – a stuffed toy with recorded audio messages. Each of the brothers records a different message, which you can hear in the drama track. This track is in Japanese, but a translation of the dialogue can be found here.

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  • Is no one going to comment that this demon actually cross-dresses as a magical girl with a shovel wand?! I don’t know why but I just find that so freaking endearing and cute! Romantic or platonic, I would volunteer to be Levi’s friend. I’m not very good at video games but I wouldn’t mind binging some anime with him and having a deep analysis on the plot and characters. Given that I’ve once (or twice..) sacrificed precious hours of sleep to finish an anime in 3 days and blacked out in class because of it, he and I would get along so well. I relate to him a lot and… strangely enough I think sleeping in a bath tub is comforting. May not be the softest place unless he piles in a bunch of thick blankets and pillows in it for me but I’d be totally down to take a nap there since it could hide me from everyone’s sight and give me some peace. I also have a love for the water theme in his room. I love the water and always wanted to have an aquarium bedroom so I’m very jealous of his room design.

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