Pleasure-Seekers & Perfectionists | Virgo Love Interests in Otome Games | Zodiac Reviews #4

Meticulous perfectionists and expert chefs, Virgo love interests in otome games fall into two noticeable archetypes. From Sebastian, a master home-maker who never misses a detail, to Date Masamune, a man who enjoys all the earthly pleasures in life – Virgos are perceptive, practical, and precise.

For the fourth article in our Zodiac Reviews series, we look at otome love interests born between August 22 and September 22, in other words, Virgo; the sign of the virgin.

The characters we have selected are: Yves Kloss from Ikemen Prince, Date Masamune from Ikemen Sengoku, Sebastian from Ikemen Vampire, Mammon from Obey Me, Edgar Bright, Luka Clemence, and Blanc Lapin from Ikemen Revolution, and Fritz from Cinderella Phenomenon.

If you’re curious about the other star signs, we previously reviewed Gemini, Cancer, and Leo love interests in the articles listed below:

But, without further ado, let’s take a look at the Virgo zodiac and its particularly diverse assortment of otome game love interests…

About Virgos

“…if you think that you’re dating a shy Virgo, trust that those walls will fall down in the bedroom. One of the most passionate signs, Virgos specialize at connecting to their physicality, and this earth sign loves and celebrates physical connection with their partner.”

If you’re not familiar with astrological stereotypes, Virgos are generally considered to be organized and meticulous, although, if left unchecked, this can sometimes turn into perfectionism, and not in a good way. Often graceful and elegant, Virgos may seem shy or reserved at first, but once they’ve warmed up to you they’ll be happy to listen and provide advice, which may sound familiar if you’re a fan of the classic ‘kuudere’ archetype.

Virgo is the sign of the virgin, but this shouldn’t be interpreted literally (it would be difficult to believe that everyone who falls into this star sign remains a virgin for their entire life). Instead, the symbolism of the ‘virgin’, or ‘maiden’, relates to the themes of a pure, gentle, demure young woman. Virgo is also an Earth sign, which often corresponds with the realm of the physical, whether it be food, money, home-making, or other ‘physical’ pleasures.

Still, these are the stereotypes associated with the astrological sign in the real world. Now, we’ll take a look at otome love interests whose birthdays are between August 22 and September 22, to see what tropes and traits they have in common…

Virgo Characters

Edgar Bright | Ikemen Revolution
23rd August

Tropes: Ouji-sama / Trickster / Kuudere

Edgar comes across as mysterious, cunning, and seemingly cold-hearted, yet he also seems to take a lot of pride in teaching Zero.

He often complains of being bored, toying with others to entertain himself, but perhaps he’s just waiting for the right person, someone who can bring the spark to his life that he’s currently missing…

Luke Clemence | Ikemen Revolution
24th August

Tropes: Tsundere / Shota

Luka is shy, quiet, and tends to keep to himself. He may seem small, or even delicate, but this impression quickly changes once you see him in battle.

He’s also a talented cook, often preparing the army’s meals, which is perhaps one of the reasons why he’s accepted by his peers, despite his Red Army territory origins. But, it’s best not to mention his brother Jonah while he’s around…

Date Masamune | Ikémen Sengoku
5th September

Tropes: Genki / Onii-san / Oji-san

Date Masamune may be mischievous and playful, but he’s also capable of taking things seriously, especially when it comes to sticking to his values.

His moral code makes him a dangerous man to get close to, but MC soon sees hints of a softer side when she discovers Masamune enjoys taking care of people, including cooking for his warriors…

Blanc Lapin | Ikemen Revolution
10th September

Tropes: Flirt / Oji-san / Megane

Blanc comes across as an airhead, but he’s also oddly perceptive. Oliver frequently chastises him for flirting with every beautiful woman he comes across, but he insists they’re just innocent compliments…

Note: Blanc’s route is currently unavailable.

Mammon| Obey Me!
10th September

Tropes: Tsundere / Ore-sama / Bakadere

Mammon definitely has difficulty expressing his feelings, especially in front of his brothers, leading to some great tsundere moments that slowly won me over.

This awkwardness with vulnerability is exacerbated by his over-the-top ‘Ore-sama’ (arrogant) attitude, as Mammon doesn’t want to show his sensitive side to anyone…

Fritz | Cinderella Phenomenon
10th September

Tropes: Deredere / Onii-san / Knight

Fritz is your personal knight and one of the few people who still believes in your kindness, despite your cold-hearted attitude. He’s loyal, reliable, and would do anything to keep you safe…

Yves Kloss | Ikémen Prince
16th September

Tropes: Ouji-sama / Tsundere / Shota

Yves is a very, very pretty prince with a lot of attitude (presumably to hide his insecurities). He’s also frequently described as being ‘cat-like’, and absolutely refuses to acknowledge you in any way.

He’s haughty and has incredibly high standards for himself and others, but perfectionism taken too far can hurt more than it helps…

Sebastian | Ikemen Vampire
22nd September

Tropes: Butler / Kuudere / Ouji-sama

When you arrive at Le Comte’s mansion in Ikemen Vampire you may feel a sense of relief knowing another human from the 21st Century will be living under the same roof, but don’t think this means he’ll go easy on you.

Sebastian has been single-handedly managing the ever-growing vampire mansion with painstaking precision and planning, and he refuses to lower his standards for the new maid…

Virgo Archetype

At first glance, I noticed a lot of kuudere and ouji-sama perfectionists with high standards and a meticulous, careful nature. There are also several chefs, with Masamune, Sebastian, Luka, and Yves all known for their cooking (and/or baking) skills. Blanc is also a flirt and loves tea and sweets, which ties into the ‘physical pleasures’ aspect of this star sign.

However, there was one character that I couldn’t see fitting into these two common traits – Mammon from Obey Me. The only ‘earthly pleasure’ he cares for is money, but none of the other otome love interests listed here are particularly invested in their greed.

On the other hand, while he doesn’t have high expectations for himself or others in the elegant, graceful type of way that we see in characters like Edgar or Sebastian, Mammon is still an ‘ore-sama’. This archetype tends to be cocky, with a high opinion of themselves, and his ego certainly wouldn’t handle any flaws in his character.

As always, there will be exceptions, which is a good thing. If all otome characters who shared the same zodiac also shared the same personality, the games would get boring pretty quickly. However, there are some traits that these characters seem to share, so if you enjoy love interests who are careful planners, precise perfectionists, or skilled chefs, then you might just find what you’re looking for in a Virgo…


Depending on which type of Virgo you are interested in, and your preferences for gameplay and other personality traits, I have several recommendations for the characters in this review:

Physical Desires: If you want a master chef who enjoys all kinds of ‘physical desires’, then you should know that Date Masamune from Ikemen Sengoku is a wild boy who happens to be good at just about everything, including cooking. He’ll whisk you off your feet on a whirlwind of adventure, all while carefully managing his domain and making sure everyone is well-fed along the way.

Meticulous Perfectionist: If you’re more interested in a perceptive, cunning kuudere, then Edgar Bright from Ikemen Revolution would be my recommendation. He also has traits from the ‘trickster’ archetype, as he’s mischievous and enjoys pulling pranks on people in his spare time. Come to think of it, Masamune and Edgar are both teases who enjoy ‘playing’ with MC, so if you like one of these two then you’ll probably also like the other.

Pretty Tsunderes: Yves Kloss is one of the three currently available routes in CYBIRD’s latest release, Ikemen Prince. I haven’t played his route yet, but I’ve seen a lot of otome fans raving about him on Twitter, so he seems to be a popular choice if you’re looking for someone more cutesy than the two previously mentioned ‘naughty’ boys. Luka Clemence from Ikemen Revolution is also more on the cutesy side, being a quiet, shy, tsundere who’s good at cooking and the younger brother of the seemingly-perfect Jonah Clemence.

Wildcard: While he didn’t really fit into the ‘Virgo Archetype’, Mammon is an incredibly popular character from the devilish mobile game, ‘Obey Me!’. If you like mobile games but prefer the gacha/minigame style over story tickets, then Obey Me will be right up your alley. It doesn’t have individual routes in the main story, but you can use player choices to pursue whichever character (or characters) you want, and there are side-stories that focus on particular love interests if you want more one-on-one time with your favourite(s).

Devoted Knight: However, if mobile games aren’t your thing, then Fritz is available in the free PC game, Cinderella Phenomenon. Fritz is MC’s personal knight, but don’t be fooled into thinking his route is a classic, vanilla, ‘princess and her knight’ type of romance. He has a dark secret that makes his story much more unique and interesting than it first appears.

Elegance and Grace: Unfortunately Blanc and Sebastian’s routes aren’t currently available in Ikemen Revolution and Ikemen Vampire, respectively. Both of them have a refined, polished air, but Blanc is more gentle, air-headed, and flirtatious, whereas Sebastian is more straight-forward and no-nonsense, although he does have a bit of a weirder side that contrasts perfectly with his typically-serious demeanour.

You’ll like Virgo love interests if you like: cunning perfectionists, elegant gentleman, men who can cook, shy tsunderes with a lot to prove (and a lot to hide), mischievous teases, and love interests who seem refined and noble, but secretly have a darker side…

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