Elegant & Beautiful | Libra Love Interests in Otome Games | Zodiac Reviews #5

With an ethereal beauty rivalled only by the moon, Libra love interests in otome games are the pure embodiment of elegance and sophistication. Shrouded in mystery and a tantalising sense of danger, the characters we’ve analysed in this Zodiac Review all have birthdays between September 22 and October 23 – in other words, Libra, the sign of the scales.

Libra love interests: Vyn Richter (Tears of Themis), Akechi Mitsuhide (Ikemen Sengoku), Licht & Nokto Klein (Ikemen Prince), Zero (Ikemen Revolution), Satan (Obey Me!), and Karma (Cinderella Phenomenon).

The purpose of our Zodiac Reviews series is to look at otome love interests who share the same star sign and investigate the potential existence of astrology-based character archetypes. In the fifth instalment of this series, we explore the traits and tropes shared by Libra love interests…

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Libra Characters

Vyn Richter | Tears of Themis
27th September

Tropes: Oji-san / Ouji-sama / Yandere

The very picture of elegance and sophistication, Dr. Vyn Richter is the resident psychiatrist in miHoYo’s ‘Tears of Themis.

Despite dedicating himself to studying people and their emotions, Vyn never imagined he would be one to succumb to these same feelings, let alone with such intensity…

Akechi Mitsuhide | Ikemen Sengoku
4th October

Tropes: Trickster / Kitsune / Flirt

Akechi Mitsuhide threatens to enchant you with the dangerous allure of the night. His perceptive eyes, kitsune cunning, and sharp tongue will poke and prod at your heart until you can’t help but reveal your deepest secrets…

Yet, no matter how hard you try to get close to this elusive warlord, he remains alone in a tragically beautiful darkness – a darkness he’s determined to prevent you from falling into, even if it seems so, so tempting…

Licht Klein | Ikemen Prince
9th October

Tropes: Ouji-sama / Dandere / Kuudere

“Nokto’s older twin brother and is as cold as ice. He hates being with other people and is most often by himself.

But when you find that he’s kind, you hear about his shocking past that forced this gentle prince to put up so many walls…”

Description from character selection.

Note: Licht’s route has not yet been released.

Nokto Klein | Ikemen Prince
9th October

Tropes: Playboy / Flirt / Trickster

Nokto breezes through his days (or, well, nights), with an infuriating air of nonchalance and a flippant smirk. He flirts with every woman he meets – including Belle, of course – and doesn’t seem to understand the meaning of the word ‘serious’.

But, despite your best efforts to resist his suave charm, you find you can’t tear your eyes away. You know you shouldn’t fall for him, but his love seems oh, so bittersweet – and you can’t quite bring yourself to turn back…

Zero | Ikemen Revolution
10th October

Tropes: Onii-san / Kuudere / Dandere

Zero has a very earnest type of kindness. He takes his job seriously (to the point of being a workaholic) and follows a strict moral code with a simple goal: protect the people who need him.

The beginning of his route is full of words like ‘sunshine’ and ‘bright’ and ‘radiant’, which made me think his stern expression was misleading. But, as you learn more about Zero, you begin to catch glimpses of darkness hiding behind this blindingly brilliant Ace of Hearts…

Satan | Obey Me!
20th October

Tropes: Ouji-sama / Kuudere / Tensai

Fourth Demon Lord and Avatar of Wrath, you may expect Satan to be hot-tempered. Instead, he’s elegant and well-read, with a keen mind for strategy.

His hobbies include; cats, books and plotting new ways to torment Lucifer…

Karma | Cinderella Phenomenon
21st October

Tropes: Trickster / Flirt / Ouji-sama

Karma was my first love in Cinderella Phenomenon and he makes a powerful first impression. Mysterious, cunning, and flirtatious; Karma has a dangerous type of allure that only adds to his intriguing aura.

Unbound by gender roles, Karma’s charm and beauty is capable of winning over anyone, despite his narcissistic tendencies…

Libra Archetype

The first thing I noticed was how many of the characters had silver hair, which isn’t surprising, as many characters in otome games (and, more broadly, in anime) who have silver hair are described as being elegant, charming, and beautiful.

They’re also often unreachable in some way. This ties in with the allegory of the moon – ethereal, yet lonely, and so far out of reach. Characters who come with metaphors of night-time and darkness also tend to be dangerously seductive. In other words, the main character is instinctively drawn to these mysterious, intriguing characters, even if it seems like a bad idea to get involved with them.

This archetype fits characters like Vyn, Mitsuhide, Nokto, and even Zero and Licht to a certain extent (although they’re less seductive and charming, and more distant and tragically beautiful). Karma, too, is described as breath-taking in his appearance. He’s also cunning, and even through the protagonist knows he can be tricky and insincere, she can’t help but be drawn to his mysterious charisma.

Satan from Obey Me is slightly different. He’s still elegant and sophisticated, but any sense of ‘unobtainability’ is more in line with the ‘cat-like’ trope. He’s independent and aloof, but not brooding in the same way as some of the other otome characters from more melodramatic games. Although, I find it interesting that his sense of righteousness as the Avatar of Wrath ties in well with the themes of ‘justice’ and ‘balance’ that are often associated with the Libra star sign.

The Libra characters weren’t what I expected. My preconceptions about Libra were all to do with balance, fairness, justice, and mediator-type personalities. Instead, we got elegant and beautiful men who threaten to pull you into their dark, dramatic world – a world that’s unreachable to most. Basically, I expected righteous, straight-laced characters and instead got silver-tongued, silver-haired, angsty ikemen… and, honestly, I’m not that mad about it.


For me, the number one Libra is Akechi Mitsuhide, from Ikemen Sengoku. He’s one of my favourite otome characters of all time, and he definitely embodies all the elements of the Libra archetype. He’s flirty, dangerous, and mishchievous, but he’s also doting and attentive – what more could you ask for?

Mitsuhide’s route is also just beautifully written. It’s a slow burn, for sure, but it’s a slow burn done right. The plot will keep you hooked the whole way through, so you won’t even notice that the romantic progression takes a little while to warm up. If you only pick one Libra from this review, then I highly recommend Mitsuhide.

Coming up in a very close second-place is Nokto Klein, from Ikemen Prince. His route was only recently released (October 22nd, 2021), and Ikemen Prince itself hasn’t been available in English for very long, but I can already tell he’s everything I love in an otome game love interest.

He’s witty, flirty, sexy, and has enough angst to rival all the best gothic teen romance novels I grew up on. If you want a tragically beautiful man who gives you all the best spicy scenes, then Nokto will definitely deliver.

Third place goes to Vyn Richter, from Tears of Themis. This is also a relatively new game, so his personal story hasn’t picked up much steam yet in the romance department. However, this is likely to change in the near future, and it’s still worth getting to know his character now. There’s plenty of story to read, and Vyn has so far proven to be mysterious, elegant, and definitely hiding a darker, more possessive side that I’m very excited to explore in future game updates.

Despite my personal ranking, I really don’t think you can go wrong with any of the Libras mentioned in this article. Zero is your best option for a more wholesome experience, Karma has one of the most creative and fascinating character designs I’ve come across, and Satan is a cat-loving, book-loving demon who is somehow one of the most reliable characters in the game, despite being the Avatar of Wrath and technically the youngest.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Libra love interests in otome games! This is just a small selection of characters, so if there’s anyone else you can think of, or any thoughts you have on this analysis, let me know in the replies below!

You’ll like Libra love interests if you like: nocturnal boyfriends, moon metaphors, night-time, flirts, elegant love interests with at least one beauty spot (Licht even has two!), unobtainable men who try to protect you from their dangerous world, love interests who gradually become obsessed with you and, once you find your way into their heart, won’t ever let you go…

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