Distant, Evasive & Difficult | Capricorn Love Interests in Otome Games | Zodiac Reviews #8

Hard work, but worth the effort – Whether it’s thawing the icy heart of a distant kuudere, chasing down a stubborn, difficult tsundere, or bridging a daunting chasm of age or social status, these Capricorn love interests will require an unlimited supply of persistence and perseverance to reach the sweet, vulnerable heart that lies beneath their hardened, prickly defences…

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In our Zodiac Reviews series, we look at otome love interests who share the same star sign, and investigate the potential existence of astrology-based character archetypes.

In the eighth instalment of this series, we explore the traits and tropes shared by characters with birthdays between 21st December to 20th January; in other words, Capricorn – the sign of the Goat

Capricorn Love Interests

“Smart, hardworking, and fully in control of their destiny, Capricorn signs will always get what they set their mind to, in both personal and professional life—no excuses.”

– Description of Capricorn Zodiac (horoscope.com)

Shiraishi Kageyuki | Collar X Malice

Birthday: 24th December
Tropes: Trickster / Yandere / Tensai

Fascinated by the emotions of those around him and adept at reading people, you may think Shiraishi would be easy to connect with – but his fickle attitude leads him to quickly dismiss anyone he deems boring. He’s evasive, manipulative, and provocative, but with the right amount of perseverance, perhaps you’ll be the one to finally get to know the real Shiraishi behind all the mind games…

Isaac Newton | Ikemen Vampire

Birthday: 25th December
Tropes: Shota / Dandere / Tsundere

As prickly as a hedgehog, but just as sweet – Isaac Newton has come back to life as a vampire, but something went a little off during his transformation. He’s a solitary genius, preferring to work alone in the quiet comfort of his room, and he insists on keeping his distance – but you get the sense that there’s a tragically lonely reason for his behaviour, and the glimpses of the sweet, kind Isaac beneath the prickly exterior make you wonder if he might be worth the effort of persisting in the face of his indomitable stubbornness…

Jean d’Arc | Ikemen Vampire

Birthday: 6th January
Tropes: Kuudere / Dandere / Ouji-sama

With an ethereal elegance and intense aura of brooding, Jean d’Arc seems as though he exists on a completely different plane from the rest of us common folk, yet you see a streak of kindness in this aloof vampire that instils in you an insatiable curiosity – a burning desire to learn more about this mysterious holy warrior. He won’t let you close to him easily, so be prepared to defeat him in a battle of wills, if you ever want to get to know the true Jean d’Arc…

Kennyo | Ikemen Sengoku

Birthday: 7th January
Tropes: Oji-san / Kuudere / Antagonist

Ikemen Sengoku’s antagonist, Kennyo, is racked with wrath, hatred, and self-deprecation. It’s difficult to tell who he despises more – his sworn enemy, Oda Nobunaga, or himself. Surrounded in a vortex of loathing, pain, and anguish, it won’t be easy to reach into the void and take Kennyo’s hand, but that doesn’t mean he’s beyond redemption…

Lancelot Kingsley | Ikemen Revolution

Birthday: 11th January
Tropes: Kuudere / Ouji-sama / Yandere

The regal King of Hearts is an imposing man who stands at the lonely peak of the social hierarchy. His loyal subordinates venerate him – trusting him unconditionally – yet he doesn’t seem particularly close to anyone. Every time you think you’ve made a crack in the icy walls around his heart, he’ll push you away – but if you’re determined not to give up, you’ll find the truth behind his infallible facade, revealing a complex, but ultimately kind king, who’s well worth the effort…

Hira | Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani

Birthday: 19th January
Tropes: Darudere / Tsundere / Hikikomori

Impossibly old and just as powerful, Hira is the Tengu shire of Amatsuna in the land of the dead, Sakuratani. He’s notoriously refused to get to know any of your ayakashimori seniors, and the vast divide of time between you seems impossible to overcome. But, with a little (okay, a lot) of perseverance, you’ll be able to chase down this lazy, yet stubbornly distant Tengu – and, before you know it, you’ll have closed the distance, proving that anyone, no matter how different, can meet in the middle if they try…

Final Thoughts

Each of the love interests in this article are difficult to approach, and even more difficult to get to know. Their routes require the protagonist to put in a lot of effort, but the result is often worth the fight. For some, their age has left them disillusioned – a shadow of their former selves – so you’ll need to cross the divide of time to try and connect with them, even if you can’t understand the pain of their past.

For others, their stubborn ‘tsundere-ness’ will mean they try to push you away at every turn, refusing to let you get too close to them. But, as every tsundere fan knows, once you push past their prickly exterior, you’ll find a sensitive, squishy heart that’s worth the trouble it took to get there.

Whatever the reason for their distance and difficulty in truly bonding with them, these love interest are complicated, intriguing characters with fascinating (if tragic) backstories whose routes make for compelling stories. If you like a turbulent romance that you have to fight for, then I recommend picking one of these love interests next, so you can enjoy persistently pursuing a troublesome Capricorn…

You’ll like Capricorn love interests if you like: older, more mature love interests; enigmatic and wise men who seem completely out of your reach; tragically beautiful love interests who are determined to keep their distance; chasing down difficult tsunderes and forcing them to acknowledge their feelings; and melting the icy walls around a kuudere’s heart…

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