Dreamers & Visionaries | Sagittarius Love Interests in Otome Games | Zodiac Reviews #7

Dreamers & Visionaries: Sagittarius love interests are capable, reliable characters who relentlessly pursue a single, clearly-defined goal – one that may seem impossible, yet they strive to achieve it nonetheless…

Previous posts in the Zodiac Reviews series: Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio.

In our Zodiac Reviews series, we look at otome love interests who share the same star sign, and investigate the potential existence of astrology-based character archetypes.

In the seventh instalment of this series, we explore the traits and tropes shared by characters with birthdays between November 22 and December 21; in other words, Sagittarius – the sign of the centaur

Sagittarius Love Interests

Sagittarius love interests: Takeda Shingen (Ikemen Sengoku), Harr Silver (Ikemen Revolution), Rumpel (Cinderella Phenomenon), Solomon (Obey Me!), Luke Pearce (Tears of Themis), and Akuroou (Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani)

Takeda Shingen | Ikemen Sengoku
1st December

Tropes: Oji-san / Playboy / Trickster

Takeda Shingen is a flirt. If you like cheesy pick up lines and cute nicknames like ‘Princess’, ‘Angel’, and ‘Goddess’, then Shingen is the guy for you! However, there’s more to Takeda Shingen than compliments and flattery. He has an expansive network of spies and informants and he’s well-versed in subterfuge. He sees love as the same as war – both are won with information. But, once you see through his games, you’ll find a serious and determined warlord with a simple, sincere wish…

Luke Pearce | Tears of Themis
5th December

Tropes: Genki / Childhood Friend / Yandere

Luke Pearce may seem like the classic ‘genki’ boy next door, but, despite his youthful, cheery demeanour, he’s capable of becoming deadly serious when the need arises… especially if MC is involved. A genius with an expansive skill set, Luke is your reliable childhood friend, who you missed dearly when he unexpectedly vanished 8 years ago to participate in a secret government project.

You finally have him back, but he seems a little different somehow — like there’s something hidden behind his typical sunshine smile. Yet, despite these differences, you can still see the familiar, fiery determination burning in his coral eyes, and he seems more driven than ever to protect you…

Solomon | Obey Me!
9th December

Tropes: Trickster / Tensai / Warlock

Solomon is infamous in hell for being a powerful yet suspicious warlock. You may be relieved to have another human in the Devildom, but being human doesn’t necessarily make him an ally. The demons warn you not to trust him, but will you heed their advice?

Solomon’s hobbies are known to include playing “harmful pranks” and conducting “completely safe” research on the many demons with whom he has forged a pact. He’s an expert in magic and all things demonology, with an army of demons at his beck and call . Yet, it isn’t enough — there’s still one, shiny treasure Solomon truly wants to add to his collection…

Harr Silver | Ikemen Revolution
12th December

Tropes: Kuudere / Oji-san / Wizard

Harr is a mysterious, wanted criminal renowned for being a powerful wizard. His intentions aren’t clear, and he seems to have connections to both armies, but you can’t shake the feeling that he’s far too kind to be a bad guy.

At first, Harr seems stoic and aloof — a man of very, very few words. Capable and reliable (albeit painfully shy), you eventually put your trust in Harr to keep you safe during your time in Cradle. But, you can’t help but wonder what led such a kind, caring man to become a wanted criminal, and whether he intends to continue living in exile, or if he has other plans for his and Loki’s future…

Rumpel | Cinderella Phenomenon
12th December

Tropes: Megane / Flirt / Oji-san

A mysterious, flirtatious man, Rumpel suffers from a Fairytale Curse that removed his memories, so he has absolutely no idea who he is or how he got here. With an unwavering smile, he effortlessly flatters every woman he meets, but you can’t help but wonder who he was before you met him, and why he was cursed in the first place…

Akuroou | Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani
17th December

Tropes: Onii-san (Okaa-san?) / Deredere / Oji-san

Akuroou is technically the aide to Makatsuhi’s Shire, but we all know who really runs the place. Acting as an older brother, father, and mother, Akuroou takes care of the Oni and children living in Makatsuhi – taking away their games when they’re getting too rowdy, and offering bags of candy when they behave.

As a rookie Ayakashimori, it’s a massive relief to know you can always rely on the polite, softly-spoken Akuroou to help you out, and it doesn’t take long for you to feel more comfortable with your new job. However, you notice there’s something bothering Akuroou beneath his calm, gentle demeanour — a persistent, plaguing feeling he can’t seem to shake…

Sagittarius Archetype

Each Sagittarius on this list has a specific dream they’re working tirelessly to reach. Others might think their ambitions are impossible, or idealistic, but, nevertheless, these characters strive to achieve the unachievable. They’re often reliable and mature – someone MC knows they can depend upon – and, oddly, there’s a lot of ‘oji-sans’ in this list (‘oji-san’ meaning ‘uncle’ or ‘older man’ in Japanese).

Interestingly, there’s also a hint of mischief, or playfulness among these love interests. Takeda Shingen may seem like nothing more than a hopeless flirt who loves to strategize and play games with people – but, there’s a serious side to this suspicious schemer, one that’s intrinsically tied to his true ambition.

Luke Pearce, from Tears of Themis, may have a more youthful, playful personality, but he’s also capable of getting serious when he needs to. As with most of the characters on this list, Luke’s goal is a key plot point in his story, so all I’ll say is that he also has a single wish he’s striving to achieve.

To avoid spoilers, I won’t go into every character in too much detail, but, suffice to say, each one of these Sagittarius love interests has a clear, defined goal, and the unwavering determination to reach it. They may be a little flirty, or maybe a little bit cheeky, but each one of them is able to be serious when the situation demands – making them surprisingly dependable love interests, despite their seemingly-impossible dreams…


Akuroou is already a well-deserved fan favourite of the recently released Dairoku: Agents of Sakuratani. While he may not adhere to the Sagittarius archetype quite so much as some of the other love interests in this list, I recently finished reading his route and I’m absolutely in love with this kind, gentle old Oni, so I have to make him my number 1 Sagittarius recommendation.

My second recommendation is Takeda Shingen, from CYBIRD’s mobile otome game, Ikemen Sengoku. I played his route a while ago, but I distinctly remember how much fun I had, as MC slowly unravelled his mysteries through their thrilling mind games, dares, and bets. He’s absolutely a cheesy old flirt, but that just adds a softer side to an otherwise dangerously seductive man…

In third place is Harr Silver, from another Ikemen Series title – Ikemen Revolution. As a shy, stoic character, he’s not my usual type, but the story in his route is one of my favourites in the game, and I loved how he and MC felt like a perfect match for each other. The added wholesome feel of his makeshift family with Loki in their fairy-tale cottage in the woods, turned an otherwise dark, angst-ridden route into the perfect balance of drama and sweetness.

If you’d prefer a PC otome game, then Rumpel from Cinderella Phenomenon is your best bet. I personally found his character more suited to a comedic or friendly dynamic with MC, but there are still some great moments in his route that made him a truly memorable character…

You’ll like Sagittarius love interests if you like: driven dreamers; capable and dependable love interests; a more mature man you can rely on; someone who knows exactly what they want and strives to get it, no matter the cost; and aspirational visionaries who aren’t afraid to dream big…


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