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Lucifer the Beach Babe – Obey Me! The Anime proves it’s not just an animated version of the game, but a full-fledged anime in its own right, by honouring a beloved, timeless classic of the medium — the beach episode.

I said in my previous review of this series that Episode 3 – Carrots, Please! must be the reason why the anime is tagged ‘fanservice’ on funimation… But, I’d like to take that back. This episode is the reason for the fanservice tag. Or maybe they both are. It’s probably both.

Either way, I’d like to offer my sincere gratitude to the production team for gracing us all with this an Obey Me beach episode. Not only is Episode 4 fantastic in its gratuitous fanservice and continuation of the games signature endearing sense of comedy, but also in its direct references to an event that occurred in-game.

Previous episode: Obey Me! The Anime | Episode 3 – Carrots, Please! | Anime Reviews

I distinctly remember each of the characters discussing their recent outing to Diavolo’s private beach, in a story where the players were humbly blessed with swimsuit sprites of all the demon brothers — except Lucifer, that is. As we all know, Lucifer is far too refined and modest to ever be seen without clothing covering every inch of his potential indecency. Frustratingly, the story was structured in a way that meant we never got to see a half-naked Lucifer in naught but swimming shorts…

Until the event was revisited later, that is – with new swimsuit sprites for the extended cast – and players were finally allowed to opportunity to gaze upon Lucifer in all his swimsuit glory… except, it wasn’t all that glorious. Obey Me fans were forced to decide whether they found this long-awaited punchline amusing or disappointing – as sexy, scantily-clad swimsuit Lucifer turned out to actually just be Lucifer… fully-clad in a wetsuit.

We weren’t even allowed a little spandex bulge as this was fervently censored by loose-fitting swimming trunks over the wetsuit. No gleaming packages for Lucifer stans in this game. We wouldn’t want anyone sinning, after all.

But, this is precisely why I loved the creative decision to put Lucifer in the divisive wetsuit again for Episode 4 of Obey Me! The Anime. I say divisive, but I think even those of us who were crippled with disappointment in the lack of sexy Lucifer fanservice could see the humour in it. I don’t know of anyone who genuinely despised it, without even a hint of “hey, I see what you did there”.

Mammon was all of us when Lucifer’s swimsuit sprite was revealed…

The plot of Episode 4 revolves around this punchline, as Mammon tries to snap a sneaky paparazzi pic of Lucifer in his full ‘beach babe’ glory to sell for a tidy profit. This, again, references the beach event in the game, and part of the point is that no one would ever see Lucifer in his half-naked glory as he’s just too darn good at keeping his goods to himself. But, the joke’s on you Lucifer, as all your ‘playing hard to get’ just makes me all the more determined to see your ‘forbidden fruit’.

Ahem — as I mentioned before, I liked all the references to the game’s source material, as it injected a little nostalgia to an otherwise classic comedy/ecchi beach episode. While I can appreciate the artistic appeal of well-endowed women in bikinis, I’m also grateful for the opportunity to respectfully admire sexy demons in swim shorts frolicking around in the sand and sea. Equal opportunity fanservice. Perfect.

If you haven’t already decided whether or not to indulge in this fun and playful anime adaptation of a hugely popular mobile game, I’d highly recommend doing so. It’s absolutely more appealing if you already play the game and know the cast, but if you just want to watch some endearing (and attractive) characters in a variety of odd situations for a show that doesn’t take itself seriously but still lovingly honours its source material – then you’ll likely enjoy the weird and wonderful anime shorts of Obey Me! The Anime.

Episode 4 of the Obey Me Anime is available on Funimation, and the in-game app ‘DevilTube’.

Game Info

Game Name: Obey Me!
Developers: Shall We Date?
Publishers: NTT Solmare
Platform: Android / iOS
Age Rating: PG / 12+
More information: here!

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