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Princess Asmodeus is in Another Castle – Asmo stans rejoice, for this episode (quite rightly) centres all its attention on the demon most fitting for the role of damsel in distress; the Avatar of Lust, Asmodeus.

Of all the demon brothers, none deserve (nor crave) the spotlight quite so much as ‘Princess Asmodeus’, who has ended up in an unfortunate(?) situation – being captured by the ‘Last Boss’ Beelzebub…

Spoiler warning: I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers, but please note that I’ve written this review with an audience of people who have already watched the episode in mind, so anyone who wants to watch this episode without any prior knowledge may wish to return to this review at a later date.

Much like in the game’s main story, Asmo doesn’t get his chance to shine until a few episodes in. So far in the series, he’s only had a few spotlight moments or throwaway comedic lines, with no real focus in any particular scene.

However, this changes in ‘Episode 5 – Princess Asmodeus is in Another Castle’, as our favourite Avatar of Lust finally gets to be the centre of attention… and for a whole episode, too!

The perfect damsel in distress~

“In a desolate land oddly reminiscent of a JRPG, the final boss Beelzebub sits upon a throne with his captive, Princess Asmo, by his side. To save the princess, three adventurers, Leviathan the Hero, Satan the Warrior, and Belphegor the Mage, confront Beelzebub. But when the mighty Leviathan slays Beelzebub with one swing, the adventurers don’t receive the reaction they were expecting.”

– Episode description from Funimation

It starts off with some quintessential JRPG vibes, which immediately peaked my interest – although, from the very beginning, the deliberately understated way the characters speak (particularly Beel) makes it seem like something is a little off.

As expected, we haven’t stepped into an alternate universe where Beel is the real Devil King with Asmo as his helpless prisoner. Instead, the episode pivots to its usual comedic style of not taking itself too seriously and focusing on the interactions between the characters, particularly as their actions become more and more outrageous.

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‘Princess Asmodeus is in Another Castle’ is only 5 and a half minutes long, so I won’t spoil the details, but essentially Asmo creates drama by indulging in his self-centred fantasies, all while dragging Beel, Belphie, Levi, and Satan along for the ride.

Levi seems the most excited to play the part of ‘heroic adventurer’, but quickly becomes exasperated with Asmo’s antics. He ends up playing the ‘straight man’ half of the ‘straight man, funny man’ dynamic with Asmo, becoming more and more outraged to counter (and complement) Asmo’s over-the-top behaviour.

Beel is just kind of there, going along with whatever anyone tells him to do – which feels pretty in-character for him, to be fair – and Belphie pipes up every now and then as a sort of mediator between Asmo and Levi.

The perfect heroes~

It’s actually pretty cute to see Belphie translating Asmo’s bizarre fantasy to the others, who struggle to understand exactly what Asmo is asking of them (or why). He softens and mediates the bickering between the brothers with his gentle voice, despite usually being the source of mischief himself.

Satan tends to switch between being a more serious character bemused by Asmo and just going along with whatever the ‘princess’ says – which is a wholesome indicator of his friendship with Asmo, as he tends to be the one to indulge him in the game, too.

In fact, despite the other brothers getting frustrated with Asmo as he gets more and more out of hand, they still go along with his ideas, and they clearly agreed to stage this princess roleplay in the first place – which is the most wholesome part, in my opinion, as it shows that the brothers are actually pretty close with each other… or just really bored, come to think of it…

Or maybe he just bribed them?

My favourite part of this animated series is seeing the dynamics between the demon brothers in fully-animated, fully-voiced scenes, rather than the visual novel style seen in the game. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the game’s story – there’s just something incredibly satisfying about watching these moments in an anime, instead.

Even if the episodes aren’t scenes taken straight out of the game, it still adds more life to the characters, and helps me picture them more clearly when I return to the main story afterwards.

I think it’s largely to do with the voice acting, as the game is only partially voiced, so I’ve typically had to use my imagination to figure out how the lines I was reading would sound if they were spoken aloud.

Asmo has many expressions in this episode, and all of them are beautiful~

In short, the writers continue to show their flair for slice-of-life comedy, and I loved that my fave finally got his moment in the spotlight.

I will say that there wasn’t so much obvious fan service as there has been in previous episodes (namely the bunny host club and beach babe episodes), but this one did open with Princess Asmodeus in chains, so it’s not exactly devoid of fan service, either…

Episode 5 of ‘Obey Me! The Anime’ is available on Funimation and the in-game feature, ‘DevilTube’.

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  • I also love how Obey Me in general doesn’t shy away from having it’s characters wear traditionally feminine clothing. Asmo’s princess outfit is gorgeously adorable, and I love how it’s not mocked or anything. Come to think of it, even though Levi was embarrassed to be caught in Ruri-chan cosplay in an earlier episode, he wasn’t teased either. It’s just really nice to see the characters wear whatever kind of clothing they like ^^. I wish the real world was more like that!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • So true!! It just kind of happens and no one treats it like it’s weird or something to be embarrassed about, and like you said, no one made fun of them. I think even though they tease each other for some things and maybe bicker a bit, they’re pretty accepting of each other, which is really nice to see!

      Liked by 1 person

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