Sweet & Spicy Quarterly Review #3 | Oct – Dec 2021

Nine months into our Sweet & Spicy journey: we’re continuing to experiment with new series and content ideas, but ultimately feel more comfortable in our own style and voice. The past three months were a whirlwind, but the end of the year brings a sense of closure on the progress made thus far, and excitement for new projects in the year ahead…


New ‘High Scores‘!

Lifetime views: 28,386
Last quarter: 11,106

Most views in a month: 7,397
Last quarter: 5,031

Most views in a week: 1,906
Last quarter: 1,245

Most views in a day: 427
Last quarter: 289

Average views per day – from 1 (March) to 251 (December) – look how far we’ve come!

Launched Patreon

We have three tiers available! Each tier has different rewards, so be sure to check out our Patreon page for more information.

  • R – Bronze ($1 USD)
  • SR – Silver ($3 USD)
  • SSR – Gold ($6 USD)

Rewards include, but aren’t limited to: access to polls and suggestion boxes (to determine who or what we review next); sign-up to our VIP email newsletter; your name credited on our website; access to Patron-Exclusive posts; and more!

Website Updates

We’ve implemented a few new changes to our website over the past few months – most notably, we added several new pages under the ‘More Reviews’ tab. This is to make sure all of our posts appear on at least one page, so none of them get lost or buried. It also groups similar reviews together, so it’s easier to browse, or find something specific…

New Pages: More Reviews, Anime Reviews, Community Spotlight, Story Reviews, and Zodiac Reviews.

Review Recap

October 2021

The most popular review we posted in October was Tears of Themis Update & Upcoming Events | Otome News, which outlines some of the new features introduced in the early October update (including Fieldwork and the NXX Lounge), as well as the Halloween events ‘Symphony of the Night’, and ‘Howling Pumpkin’…

Other posts from October:

November 2021

The most popular review we posted in November was Leon Dompteur | Character Review | Ikemen Prince, which reviews the 4th Prince’s character design and story, as well as the premium story options throughout the route, with recommendations on which ones to purchase, and which ones to skip…

Other posts from November:

December 2021

The most popular review we posted in December was First Bite | Game Review | NSFW 18+, a full game review of the sexy-scary indie visual novel First Bite – including an outline of its core premise, a review of the story and gameplay elements, and mini-reviews for each of the three love interests…

Other posts from December:

Final Thoughts & Looking Foward

After burning out a little in October, and noticing a corresponding drop in viewership, we re-evaluated the quality and quantity of our reviews, and made some ongoing changes to the way we work – including how frequently we post. These changes not only made our workload more sustainable, but also boosted our viewership even further, so it just goes to show that creating more posts doesn’t necessarily mean gaining more views.

Now, we’re enjoying what we do more than ever, and we can’t wait to share some of our upcoming projects with you in the next quarter! We have some more updates in the works to continue improving our reviews and overall website experience, as well as some new series ideas, seasonal specials, and maybe even expansions to other platforms…

In short, this quarter was busy (in a good way), and we’ve been fine-tuning the way we run things to make sure we’re creating timely reviews, while still maintaining a standard of quality we can be proud of. We have countless new ideas to try out in the next quarter and beyond, so stay tuned for even better reviews in the new year!

Thank You

~☆ This Quarter’s Patrons & Donors ☆~

SSR – Tarranga

SSR – Caroline

SR – Fitzroy

SR – Teryarel


Mary Safro

Contact Us

For business enquiries, please email us at: sweetnspicyreviews@gmail.com

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  • I’m happy to hear that you took care of yourself when you felt the load becoming too much. Thank you for continuing your work!
    I hope you’ll continue your Character and Event Reviews. These make you special! 🙂
    Best wishes for the next year.

    Liked by 1 person

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